Nearly 30 years old, hot girl Sam is mistakenly mistaken for a girl only because of this simple thing

Sam is the name that has been mentioned for many time because of the sexy and daring fashion every time he appears on the red carpet, so the fans can't help. To gain the confidence to conquer any fashion style from sexy, sexy to elegant, Sam must perform healthy living habits every day. She shared:

- Always bring a bottle of cool water cooked by your mother to fight thirst and also help cool the body.

- Fasting for a week to preserve weight.

- Sam loves the one-layer makeup style. If not filming or taking pictures, Sam only made light makeup with a cream of BB lotion and BB Stick makeup and mascara and lipstick. It took only 5 minutes for Sam to have a light makeup but very smooth, bright, not shiny and still sunscreen for a long time.

Sam's unmoving beauty makes her irresistible.

It turns out Sam's secret to being sexy is so simple.

- Always remove makeup before going to bed and apply a fruit mask at least once a week to keep your skin healthy.

- Having free time is going to take care of skin continuously, the secret to her skin without blemishes.

Only with these small tips that the U30-year-old beauty has the timeless beauty, forever young like her twenties. Clear beauty, flawless white skin and stature form, sexy style helps Sam become a beauty constantly being named in the top beauty last week. "Age-old beauty" may not be exaggerated when fans favor Sam.

Vegetarianism is a young secret not only for Sam but also by many Vietnamese beauty.


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