Nhã Phương, Ngọc Trinh, Elly Trần ... Vietnamese stars possessing the 11th belly muscles 'extreme products'

A perfect physique of the Asian standard of beauty at the present time not only requires a three-step 'calibration' measurement, but also particularly emphasizes the firmness of the body. In it, a slender waist, with strong abdominal muscles is what makes people admire. Therefore, the Vietnamese entertainment beauties have been actively practicing sports to bring back the perfect abdomen with the 11th belly muscle desirable.

Nha Phuong

After the question of 'evaporating' from showbiz within a few months to give birth, Nha Phuong returned and positively appeared in public with a very sharp appearance. During the events, Ms. Truong Giang often chose to design a graceful design to display a rare figure of a hourglass that is difficult to find in women after birth. Even, many people think that perhaps Nha Phuong has spent most of her time practicing and abstaining because it is extremely difficult to have such a fast shape, not everyone can do it.

Recently, in a photo posted by the owner, a beautiful woman born in 1990 confidently shows her waist 'ant' with a croptop shirt in the gym. It is known that this is the 16th training session of the actress but her physique is enough to make many people admiring.

Usually prioritize the 'tight as costume' costumes, anyone thinks Nha Phuong's physique is so beautiful and slim. It can be said that she is one of Vbiz's rare beauties who possesses a small and slender body and a less prominent height but makes people jealous because the 11th abdominal muscles are extremely clear.

Always conscious of preserving the image in the public eye, Nha Phuong requires herself to maintain a stable weight to get a beautiful body with scientific diets and daily exercise. serving roles, actresses are not afraid to force weight. She was down more than 4 kg after only 4 days with a strict diet.

It is known that the actress is currently pursuing Eat Clean method: eating all groups of ingredients but prioritizing raw foods like brown rice, oats and minimizing ready-to-eat and canned food. At the same time, she combined with cardio and HIIT exercises to quickly burn fat, increase muscle.

Elly Tran

Although underwent two births, Elly Tran is a rare mother of Vietnamese showbiz who has never made fans stop being so silly because of her hot and sharp colors. According to the share of the beautiful, she does not have her own a secret too high at all, it is owning a dream of a dream from the baby has helped the 'hottest mother Vbiz' does not lose too much work strength and time to regain shape after birth.

As one of the 'addicted' beauties showing off their personal page, Elly Tran always makes fans 'love it' because of the standard figure 88-58-92.

The body does not have excess fat, the soft curves, the abdominal muscles are firm and equally attractive . are the factors that help Elly Tran become the most sexy mother in showbiz. However, what makes any young girl more jealous than that is that Elly Tran does not need to practice hard but has a dreamlike body.

For Elly Tran, massage and eating sensibly are the only secret to help her maintain a strong toned physique as well as an attractive 11th abdominal muscles. Besides, mothers of two children often drink green tea every morning. This kind of 'spirit medicine' will help purify the body, eliminate excess fat and minimize the process of fat accumulation, weight control.

In addition, Elly Tran shares her daily activities by working hard at home and playing with her children.

Ngoc Trinh

Referring to Ngoc Trinh, I cannot help but mention the innocent, innocent face with bright white skin and a beautiful physique. Once there was a time when the forest beauties 'surpassed' the title of 56 waist, Ngoc Trinh at the moment has regained a slim and somewhat standard shape of 'fiery' than before. The most prominent is probably the attractive 11th abdomen of the 'Queen of Internal Medicine'.

The elongated legs, the bust-shaped chest, especially the tight waistline, are the factors that make fans crazy.

To be able to return to the peak of this beauty, long-legged roots of Tra Vinh have spent a long time working hard at gyms, eating science to get a measurement of 3 balance cycles, especially the round index. 2 at 56cm.

In addition, not only does daily exercise, Ngoc Trinh also uses sexy dance dancing hobby - a goal that consumes many calories to improve her charming curves.

Fairy's hair

Pursuing a sexy image, Toc Tien is also one of the names that appear in the list of beautiful women who possess a toned 11 abdomen. Female singers who have always fascinated audiences with the 'ant' waistline properly through confident images show off in bikini.

Not all of a sudden, Toc Tien has the lethal charm like the present, the female singer pays great attention to the practice and eating to have a balanced and firm shape. In addition to practicing gymnastics, Toc Tien also regularly spends time cooking herself to control the amount of food loaded into her body.

To have perfect abdominal muscles, Toc Tien always spends 4 sessions per week for gym. In addition, jogging is a method of advocacy to help Toc Tien maintain its sexy physique. According to her, running will help strengthen physical strength, training buttocks muscles of the abdominal muscles, burn excess fat and help strengthen the cardiovascular system.

The beauty of healthy, attractive muscles but not too masculine of the Toc Tien gradually became the new body standard of young girls.

Minh Tu

As Vbiz's 'addicted' model of gym, it is no surprise that Minh Tu always makes many people fascinated with healthy physique, especially toned abdominal muscles.

Not only possessing round 3, Minh Tu also possesses attractive belly.

Personality supermodel always pursues sensual style in every ordinary moment. In the tiny bikini model, Minh Tu has caught the eyes of people around by a sexy body and healthy brown skin.

Minh Tu spends a lot of time for gym, there is nothing difficult to understand when the second round of the beauty is very slender and does not have any extra fat.

Chi Pu

It is not natural that Chi Pu has the same lethal charm. In order to have a beautiful body and a powerful 11th abdomen, the voice 'Brother stay behind' also went through a hard training process.

Despite its small and slender body, Chi Pu has a very distinct 11 abdomen. Undeniably, from the increasingly sharp face and the fiery physique, the female singer has now participated in Vbiz's beauty festival.

By building a sexy image, getting rid of the looks of a hot girl before, Chi Pu worked hard at gym, eating daily science to get a measurement of 3 balance, especially the 2nd round index 60cm. No matter how busy she is, she has to spend at least 3 training sessions per week for about 2 hours.

Although Chi Pu does not apply a strict diet, Chi Pu still pays great attention to balancing the menu. Her meals often change to ensure quality but never lack of vegetables and juice.