No one like Mai Ngo, every time showing off her eyebrows without losing her eyebrows, she was white and made netizens 'dead-end'

Having made a fever at The Face Vietnam in the first season with a rustic face without eyebrows, since then, beautiful shimmering makeup images of Sai Gon's legs born in 1995 seem to be meaningless to fans. Everyone just focused on her face that didn't show off any striking lipstick and was amused.

Recently, in the time of losing her personal page, Mai Ngo returned with a photo that made the fans startled in shock. Accordingly, this face has a thick layer of chalk covered with white and the unfinished round curls make everyone surprised.

As soon as she released a funny photo when wearing this make-up, Mai Ngo received the humorous comments for her makeup on the social network as follows: 'She just went to take a white bath but not even, sister' hay ' As I walked through the center of the image, I was afraid of ghosts . '.

Mai Ngo's famous rustic face in The Face Vietnam was the first time the car was an endless inspiration for people to make long-time photos.

And the re-display screen is impressive with the makeup version upgraded when the face color is turned on and the skin tone is turned on.

Looking at this photo, Mai Ngo's fans shouted out for fear of ghosts.

Even so, Mai Ngo is always confident in her rustic face, whenever she does not have to work or go to events, she does not need to wear makeup.

Actual game show shooting and leave the face full of acne, who dares to do like Mai?

Just a light eyebrow is pretty right!

Challenge the beauties when leaving this completely rustic face here.

There is a little bit of lipstick on your face, that's a bit different.

If you want me to wear makeup, please do it.

The sensual beauty of Mai Ngo is very makeup and is loved by many makeup artists.

Because carpentry face is too 'rustic', every time makeup for Mai Ngo, the experts have to hit a lot to create an impression for the face. At the same time, the bold makeup is also used to help her become sharper.

Mai Ngo wears makeup and wood face up to 80% different.

The female model shared in front of her body disparaging comments: 'Mai thinks the model is to be confident and confident, and it is important to exaggerate the beauty that I represent. I'm not an oversize model, I'm a model. My beauty is personality and no one is mistaken '.

It can be seen that the impressive appearance and the sleek body have created Mai Ngo a unique image unlike anyone in Vietnamese showbiz. She emerged as a reality television series and affirmed her position in the model village as well as being actively invading the film market.

Mai Ngo's beautiful beauty and her famous healthy brown skin help her make a difference.

Mai Ngo was not afraid to wear a bikini despite her big thighs, but she always loved herself and every point on her body.

Mai's sensual and Western beauty is loved by many fans.

She shows off sexy figure with bodysuit cut out, charming chest cup.


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