Not big, the beauty of Huong Giang is still feminine as usual?

Famed for its glorious beauty like the morning sun, Miss Huong Giang is loved and favored as a goddess in the beauty of Vietnam. She is increasingly shining with beauty and talent in every public appearance.

Recently, the cult beauty makes the fans stunned when showing off their makeup faces without brushing their lipstick. Miss comedy said: 'Does anyone care a lipstick?'

Photos attached status line attached humor makes the network attention, many people believe that. Huong Giang is so beautiful that lack of lipstick also becomes less fresh, so seeing the words 'Phai beautiful is not the same as when going to the street and being nude'.

Huong Giang is beautiful and sweet, even with a little lipstick and cream.

But when she lacked the lipstick Miss also became less fresh.

Huong Giang points out her beauty with various makeup styles .

However, to become gorgeous and diverse like Miss Huong Giang, women must pay attention to how to choose the appropriate lipstick according to each face, different skin color.

Each skin will have unique characteristics suitable for certain types of lipsticks. If applying the right lipstick trends properly below, the girlfriend will be confident to shine and be beautiful next to Huong Giang.

Huong Giang always selects flexible lipstick colors thanks to bright skin tones.

Choose lipstick for white skin

White skin is the easiest skin to choose lipstick because it suits most colors from light to dark. However, the most suitable tones are pink, red, orange .

White skin is always the easiest skin to choose lipstick.

Peach, orange and red tones . always make you more beautiful.

Choose lipstick for dark or yellow skin

There are two ways to choose lipstick for golden tones, dark ones are pale tones, light pink, light orange to balance the nuances for the face.

The second option is the colorful and impressive lipstick colors such as dark red, purple, earthy brown tones . that will make you more sexy and personality.

The bold lipstick color is the perfect choice to turn on the beautiful, charming beauty for dark, brown tones .

The second option is the pale lipstick tones to make the face look brighter.

Choosing the right lipstick will help your beauty become more sublimated than ever.