Phuong My Chi is beautiful at age 16 thanks to her hard work

Having been stripped of skin care secrets by the netizens, Phuong My Chi inspired many 'stone tiles' of public opinion. Since then, the bold makeup of 16-year-old girl has become a topic of discussion. As a vocalist chasing gold music, it is easy to see Phuong My. In the soft and flowing dresses, I think it is a misty makeup layout with clear tones for the age, then 'Sister Seven' looks better with a pretty thick cosmetic layer.

In addition to the too big make up times, the pink orange layout - pink peach or earth orange is used most often by Phuong My Chi. Whether traveling or in everyday moments, 'Ms Bay' also adorns the formula with familiar tones.

Just 16 years old, the skin is still quite sensitive but it seems that Hien Thuc's students in the Vietnamese Voice are not really aware. Changing through many make-up layouts, but it is undeniable that the beautiful, cute wood face and create sympathy with Phuong My Chi's fans.

The lovely, lovely rustic face of "Seven sister" is praised.

With a lot of makeup make your skin dry, the mask provides moisture as the safest way for your skin to wake up.

If you follow 'Sister Bay' on your personal page, you can see that even though she is 16 years old, she pays great attention to skin care, even meticulous process and many stages like adults. One of the most beautiful skin care products Chi Phuong has is the mask. She once boasted both a refrigerator mask and an eye mask and used it regularly and regularly. In it, the bird's nest mask is the product of a 16-year-old girl used to use and she revealed, "if you don't wear a mask, you won't be able to sleep."

16 years old is the period of puberty, many body changes from hormones make skin rash is a common manifestation. Therefore, if makeup is much, Phuong My Chi needs the most attention to the step of skin cleansing and moisture supply. Types of whitening or anti-aging cosmetics are not needed. Because according to research from scientists, 20-year-old women need to care for aging skin. Let the skin be most naturally developed with the right age of 16.

The 16-year-old girl is always radiant like a flower even though she doesn't need to be hard-working.

"Phuong My Chi to the most beautiful face" is the majority of netizens' opinions.

After 5 years in the profession, Phuong My Chi can say that there has been a dramatic change in appearance. The singing job brings a stable source of income and helps the runner-up family The Voice Kids 2013 has the opportunity to change their life, the voice of "My country season is flooded" so it is more diligent, but the audience still likes these This rustic image of Phuong My Chi is much more than that.


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