Possessing beauty that is hard to match, Hien Ho has many times been suspected of cosmetic surgery

Entering into showbiz after winning the Vietnamese Voice Runner-up award for her sweet, emotional voice. Currently, the name Hien Ho receives much attention from the public and is also a young singer who has high expectations when within 1 year of 2019 she owns up to 3 hit songs.

Besides talent, in terms of appearance, Hien Ho is like a doll with big round eyes, cute face with short hair. The beauty of the singer born in 1997 is extremely clear and attractive, making everyone look fascinated.

Recently on his personal page, Hien Ho also made fans stand still when posting a series of photos in a 1-piece swimsuit extremely sexy. The singer poses softly with a fresh makeup style, dew showing off her 'deadly beauty'.

Possessing the perfect appearance, Hien Ho also has many cosmetic surgery rumors. Especially when she revealed images of the past with a completely different face now.

Talking about this issue, Hien Ho once shared in the press that:

'I have no qualms about plastic surgery. What is a bad change to be better? I am trying to get a nose job higher, because I am busy so I haven't done it. My mother stopped me and told me that if I fixed it, she would kick me out of the house. She told me that my nose was just like that. But the one I like is doing. '

Hien Ho previously did not have sophisticated makeup but still had cute cuteness.

However, now the singer's face is thinner, the chin looks longer, the bridge of the nose is higher and it may all be thanks to the change in makeup style that emphasizes the facial features.

Most of the opinions affirm that Hien Ho has a knife and scissors on her face. But all must also recognize that the present beauty of must say is "excellent beauty".

No matter how much criticism about Hien Ho is actually cosmetic surgery or not, it cannot be denied that the beauty of Dak Lak beauty is extremely attractive, worthy of "Vietnamese Music Doll".

After turning to her beautiful hair, Hien Ho is also considered to be much more beautiful than before, all delicate lines on her face are also exposed to the thorough.

The overall face is extremely harmonious with round ton eyes, high nose bridge, thick sexy lips and trendy V line chin.

Hardly anyone can take their eyes off this beauty.

Despite not pursuing too sexy fashion style or showing off her skin regularly, Hien Ho still receives a lot of attention. She is also the dream lover of many fans.

The clear beauty of the owner of the hit Then the beloved also turned strangers.

Along with perfect beauty, Hien Ho's physique is also very worth talking about. Although not possessing outstanding height, it is still extremely hot and balanced.

Long slender legs make Hien Ho more confident in short skirts.

Looking at the female singer, it was like a princess had just stepped out of a fairy tale.

Talented, beautiful, sensual and youthful, Hien Ho is attracting the attention of numerous fans.