Quynh Anh Shyn sang chảnh along Skymond eyeglasses

(MissNews)-evening (November 21), the two " pieces of " of "the three assassins" has unexpectedly appeared together in the extended event Skymond eye glasses Store in Hanoi, Quynh Anh Shyn ...

Due to work schedules and Quynh Anh Japan should at least appear together as before. Just pm last night (November 21), pair this friend was suddenly available in the expanded event Store eyeglasses and Skymond together in the program "free eye exam for glasses and donated free of charge to students, student" of this brand. As for the two of you, this is the occasion to them together into community activities, improve knowledge on health to enhance the sense of protecting the eyes themselves and those around them.

Quynh Anh Shyn and Japann Security available in the program the program "free eye exam for glasses and donated free of charge to students, student"

Store eye glasses brand Skymond in Skymond Luxury headquartered at Paper Bridge no. 18 (Ngoc Khanh Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi). This is the gathering of eye glass products distributed exclusive from Korea and authorised products genuine distribution from the famous fashion brands in the world.

Many parents take their children to attend the program and receive the Special

Notable is the Skymond glasses always operate under the motto "Because your eyes", the high importance and the health of the eyes per customer. Not only own the Store exhibits products with large scale, glass eye Skymond eye specialist clinic also are run by highly professional doctors with modern equipment, the Ministry of health standards, to meet the demand of refractive testing as well as visit and cure the diseases of the eye.

Quynh Anh Hoai & choose the sample collections in glass imported from South Korea

With relentless efforts, eye glasses Skymond promises to become one of the most prestigious address in trusted, timely protection consumer eyes and youthful looks, cool by the design fashion glasses bring international level.