Recipes reduce reduce 27 kg of Miss Puerto Rico

Gabriela Berríos share, 14 years old, she weighs up to 77 kg. Oversized body making her often being teased at school. Gabriela has a lovely face Berríos but because too fat so she incredibly inferiority, don't dare to participate in beauty contests. Beauties of Puerto Rico said, Tibetan people plump her up not by not eating control that is due to the family's genes. Most of the members of her family have high stature and very easy on weight.

Gabriela Berríos ever to 77 kg, while still in high school.

The encouragement of family and friends, Gabriela Berríos was determined to lose weight to pursue the dream was to attend the beauty arena. She has declined to 27 kg, from size 14 down to size 2 by running and diet. Her weight loss program workout entitled Xco Latin Workout. Latin Xco exercises Workout is a combination of the Latin dance and exercise the weight, helps target burn calories more efficiently.  She choose low carb diet to help reduce excessive fat quickly.

She has trained and very strict dieting for weight 27 kg.

After crowned Miss universe Puerto Rico, Gabriela Berríos actively preparing for the Miss Universe contest in 2015 in the United States. During a month and a half, she only ate Grilled Chicken Adobo dish and not spices. Adobo is one of the dishes typical of the country Philippines, use chicken or pork, breaded marinated garlic and soy sauce and then simmer in water with vinegar, bay leaf and black pepper. The when feel too hungry, you eat a little salad. In addition, each day you spend 2 hours of training with coach .

Gabriela Berríos won Miss photogenic in the Miss Universe contest in 2015.

In the final night of Miss Universe 2015, Gabriela Berríos lapsed. Share after the contest, she said dieting and extreme exercise along the dense schedule was exhausting. She also advises you girls want to lose weight should choose this form of slow and safe weight loss with health.=