Reveal the reason why Vietnamese beauties are very diligent in round 1

Phi Huyen Trang once published the first round surgery and said it was the first aesthetic in her life. She said: "In the past my breasts were not so modest. But because I wanted to be more confident, I decided to be aesthetically pleasing."

Phi Huyen Trang uses endoscopic breast augmentation technology to combine Nano Chip Demi breast pocket. She found that the work had many positive changes after the first round aesthetic, namely getting more contracts than before.

May 4.2018, Miss Ky Duyen publicized the first round aesthetic story, raising the measure to 92cm. The reason is that she feels less confident with her own shortcomings. Ky Duyen shared: "Until now, I am no longer a girl of 18, 19 or 20 years old, I am mature enough to take responsibility for what I will do. For the first round editing. and even other things, I feel ready and satisfied with myself. "

Not only editing her face, Thuy Vi also decided to lift her breasts to create more sensuality. She chose to put 300 cc breasts on each side. After surgery, she only had pain for the first 3 days, after 1 week she could walk normally.

In the past, Phi Thanh Van lifted her breasts because she wanted to be more beautiful to make art and easily find her lover. In 2017, she decided to "restore" once again because the old breast augmentation bag had expired and her physique became worse after birth.

Van Hugo also published a 1st round beauty story. She said: "This is a legitimate beauty needs of sisters now. Everyone who wants to be born wants it. This is very normal and I don't hide it. Even if anyone asked me, I was enthusiastic to consult. This is nothing worth condemning. "

Lingzhi runner was shocked with the "breast augmentation to serve the audience" statement. She explained that the sentence meant that she wanted herself to be more beautiful and glamorous, dressed better, the audience saw her love.

Sharing about aesthetic reasons, Linh Chi said: 'My chest is not too small, but to wear sexy designs or make bikini photos, I am not really confident. So I had plastic surgery to have a fuller first round. I don't care what people say, think. I am satisfied with my current appearance. Honestly, when I owned the first round, I was much more confident when taking photos of fashion and appearing at the event. The more convenient work makes me happier without hesitation or regret for my decision. "


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