Rustic face can make others panic but once makeup is difficult to match Lam Khanh Chi

Besides Huong Giang, Lam Khanh Chi is also a transvestite star and veteran of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Although beyond the age of 40 but when appearing in public, everyone is surprised at the sharp, seductive and youthful beauty that is not inferior to the Lam's junior. However, in the moments Lam Khanh Chi showed her bare face, people repeatedly "disillusioned" because the beauty of the transgender beauty was extremely faded, lifeless and exposed many signs of aging.

Once considered as the "First transgender beauty" Vbiz, Lam Khac Chi's un-pollinated face denounced that the face was really no longer at her peak.

  Although the skin of the transvestite beauty is still white, the face has many shortcomings such as dark circles, poorly colored lips and a lack of vitality face, which has "drowned" in Lam Khanh Chi's appearance. to tell.

At one point, the beautiful Lam family was confident of the livestream showing off the rough, less smooth face far from the usual glitter photo series.

Many times transgender princess born in 1977 has made the public panic when appearing with a poor bare face, revealing signs of age.

However, if Lam Khanh Chi's bare face can be inferior to many Vbiz beauties, after relying on makeup technology, it is difficult for anyone to successfully transform multiple makeup layouts like this one-child mother. . Because the right makeup layer not only helps the voice of "My Mother" to hide the defects on her face, but also helps her beauty and charisma seem to be significantly upgraded.

Possessing white skin and not too rough lines, Lam Khanh Chi often associates with western makeup layouts, favoring bold and sharp tones when appearing at events.

In particular, the eyes are always emphasized by beautiful people 7X to make up the very own charisma of the face. From sharp eyebrows to soaring lashes, sharp eyeliner to eyeshadow are always carefully calculated to match the contours of the face as well as the outfit.

Wearing blue clothes, applying blue eyeshadow, wearing brown clothes, makeup layout must also be ton - sur - ton. Makeup style in harmony with the costumes used to be "promoted" by Vbiz ladies was also skillfully applied by Lam Khanh Chi.

In addition, contacts lens is also a great help to make the eyes of transgender singer look glittering, more depth and more attractive. It seems that when in any event, the princess Lin also befriended the contact lenses with bright and extremely sharp tones.

However, compared to the changing style of eye makeup, Lam Khanh Chi is loyal to only a few nude colors. This is also understandable because if you choose to wear dark lipstick, the appearance of transgender beauties will become heavy and unfocused.

Nude lipstick color adds a bit of shine to Lam Khanh Chi's lips to look glamorous and full of admiration.

Bored of personality and sharpness, sometimes transgender beauties change to sweet makeup with pink tones. This makeup style does not bring the queen-like elegance to the singer, but it exalts a youthful and gentle charm.

Makeup dew to the city, transgender beauties easily "cut the hearts" of fans with their sweet and gentle appearance. Everyone thinks that looking at this image, Lam Khanh Chi is just like a twenty girl even though she has turned 43 years old.

With the image before and after this makeup, it is no exaggeration to say that although Lam Khanh Chi does not own a perfect bare face, in return, she has the ability to transform with many different makeup makeup. . This has contributed to help her name always attract fans.