Serious mistake when white skin DIY at home

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Blending is not correct dosage

Photo : Serious mistake when white skin DIY at home

Serious mistake when white skin DIY at home Not blending the right dose of whitening cream makes the skin injury.

Each type of skin bleaching cream recipe or skin bleaching products do have clear rules about the amount of each component. You need absolute compliance with the norms of this regulation. Too many powerful ingredients that can cause irritation skin hurt as well as many other unwanted consequences.

The tool was not clean

Now even when you have chosen are bleaching creams ensure quality, they still have the risk of contamination due to mistakes in the process of preservation. This occurs when the contains tools or instruments of retrieved were not clean. Especially with the skin bleaching products, the contamination may cause these problems extremely hazardous.

To fix this problem, you need to make sure all tools are to be cleaned and disinfected. Should use the jars containing the glass instead of plastic to avoid infested bleaching cream.

The natural skin whitening ingredients contaminated

Popular way to whiten skin naturally at home is to use natural materials available to the nature skin exfoliation to help pink white as milk, olive oil, potato, papaya ...

But if this means broken, infected with the toxic food preservatives, or poor quality when in contact with skin will penetrate the skin, without the side which also lead to infection of the skin and skin diseases such as Dermatitis, fungus ...

Excessive use of skin whitening products

Excessive use of a type or too many skin whitening products will lead to skin "overload". As a natural reaction, the skin will have signs of self-defense as red hot burning, mẩm ... So, let's see how the skin condition to choose appropriate product doses.