Short hairstyles make you beautiful and personality

Referring to short hairstyles, women are no longer strangers to Korea cult, short hair is increasingly popular for women who want to change themselves to '360 degrees'. This hairstyle helps the face to be exalted clearly, turning on youthfulness, not too mushy, graceful as when you have long hair. Especially Korean stars.

At the recent Cannes Film Festival, neatly short hairstyles not only helped the 38-year-old actress Jo Yeo Jung look young but also raised the luxury. Before that, the beautiful movie parasite usually tied la At the recent Cannes Film Festival, neat short hairstyles not only help the 38-year-old actress Jo Yeo Jung look young but also enhance the luxurious style. Before that, the beautiful film parasites are often associated with sexy pictures. Gu her fashion is also not appreciated. Gu her fashion is also not appreciated

In order to shorten the age gap with his underperforming actor Park Bo Gum, Song Hye Kyo got down to her hair in Encounter. This is not the first time a 37-year-old actress to wear this hairstyle. The role of acting with Hyun Bin in The World That They Live In also asked Song Hye Kyo to cut her hair short.

Actress Seo Hyun Jin not only cut her hair short of her chin, but also let her hair open. This style helps beautiful people 34 years younger than their actual age.

Short hair contributes to the 'big sister' image for movie star Sky Castle - Kim Seo Hyung. She also tried many short variations of different hairstyles.

Miss Jeon Do Yeon recently had a change in style. From a loving image with long hair, she cut her hair short and slightly curved, bringing a modern feel but still retaining her feminine features.

Entering the age of 32 at the beginning of the year, singer Moon Hyun Ah just said goodbye to her long long hair to come up with short hair and thinning, giving a mischievous look.

In the photo series, few think that actress Jung Yu Mi is 36 years old thanks to her short hairstyle. Previously, the star of the train to Busan film often kept long hair and turned in the middle, different from the new look.

The sexy, strong image of 'Kpop queen' Lee Hyori is quite suitable for long hair. But when she appeared with shoulder-length short hair and a sparse roof, many people were surprised because Lee Hyori looked rather gentle and younger than her real age.

In real life, the veteran Korean star Hwang Shin Hye has a sporty appearance despite being 56 years old. Short hair contributes to this personality image of her.