Sister series 'the distorted, eyes Chin trợn' due to the injection of fillers crazy

just spent some money not big sister can own just a Berry lips or the long slender nose with injections of fillers (filler), fillers, ...

Customers "abortive" because advertising "phony"

Recently, a professional introduction to lip injections, nose for a cosmetic spa named V.T. H has to expose scams home spa's customers about the use of "crazy" to perform tricks injected fillers for bulk customers, resulting in the case being crooked lips , nose, Chin deviation.

Soon after many of the victims also accuse this spa guests were swollen lip, crooked nose, Chin convex.

Picture 1 of Sister series 'the distorted, eyes Chin trợn' due to the injection of fillers crazy

Picture 1 of Sister series 'the distorted, eyes Chin trợn' due to the injection of fillers crazy

The bulk of the victims voiced denunciation of a spa in Hanoi injected fillers Gorilla shit cause they were swollen lip, crooked nose, Chin convex.

In the words of h., guests of the spa have met very many issues on injections and lawsuit. After a period of doubt, she discovered the drug injected box for genuine customers not as advertising of your home spa.

Especially, this girl also said his administration was also the victim of this spa when owners agreed to injections of fillers in nose, currently still being treated and the doctor she met rejected an unspecified substance because the nose was injected into the nose. In addition, spa a. also pay referral commissions for her not satisfactory, so h. decided to expose the truth about spa A.

"We are getting people but when troubled injected then you blame us:" guest of the day injection lawsuit, y., guests of the h. injected many problems ". I say this, you have to understand a hand hold the needles, sister my sister is directly injected on the face, you have to be accountable to the people we're responsible part but who hold needles to understand for yourself how injections, how many new cases of injection are swollen the deviation must be twisted, the points on the surface. I'm wrong because I was too trusting her, look at the box injections have also thought it was importing drugs new genuine peace of mind to PR ads out to customers and even I myself also injected her face up, but according to the understanding and verification of children, certainly not Restilane every genuine standards and reviews as my sister was telling me " , H said on the personal page.

Picture 2 of Sister series 'the distorted, eyes Chin trợn' due to the injection of fillers crazy

Picture 2 of Sister series 'the distorted, eyes Chin trợn' due to the injection of fillers crazy

The image completely distorted Chin after injections of fillers

As soon as the information on the line are shared, not a few people, especially the customers feel shocked with this story and its also been permanently crooked Chin because injections of fillers in the spa or strange clumping in the Chin.

Be aware, this is not the first time the spa is "factor", before this base Hanoi Health Department check has not yet been licensed. However, do not understand the reason for which the spa is still impassible works, advertising with clients that his base and has the participation of the doctors have years of experience in the profession.

Fillers are not liquid silicon

The information on beauty by injection of fillers filler, PV Findlaw exchanged with Professor Chen Set Painted-head plastic surgery hospital-green cupola.

GS, BS Set Ceiling Paint said: "tricks used fillers with those long like we do, then this is not a new method, the method of use of fillers on the human body are derived from very long time. In fact, fillers (filler) are no longer so familiar to women because it is often used for the pump, lip surgery. ... Fillers are liquid, usually the collagen, hyaluronic acid or fat is itself. All the form fillers are injected under the skin with the aim of making flat leather or increase the volume of a certain Division, these substances exists only in a short period of time (6 months to 3 years).

Private fat themselves can survive much longer. Want to maintain the results, the need to continue the treatment, price each made from 10-20 million. Especially the way beauty does not leave traces on the body, the woman's face ".

Picture 3 of Sister series 'the distorted, eyes Chin trợn' due to the injection of fillers crazy

Picture 3 of Sister series 'the distorted, eyes Chin trợn' due to the injection of fillers crazy

Strange was clumping in the Chin

GS, BS Set Ceiling Paint also said that the advantage of the beauty thanks to tricks is fast, efficient little risk. If cosmetic surgery, with the possible risk of infection, scar incisions as bad ... sometimes need surgery, the procedure almost back. But who needs injections of fillers to beautify is should choose the cosmetic specialty hospital to perform. The basis of "chui" as above if an emergency not variables, danger to life.

"Before deciding to inject fillers into the body, customers must identified on the shell are the composition of Hyaluronic Acid (abbreviated as HA) rather than the liquid silicon; the manufacturer, trade name, expiry date and the last is the license of the product to verify that product are allowed to circulate in Vietnam, in accordance with the Vietnamese people; the injection of filler to be cosmetic specialists are well-educated, "Prof. DR Tran Son Design emphasis.

Dr. Thuy, Hanoi Medical University physician concurs perspective on when to that: fillers Filler is the generic name for the active ingredient, such as Collagen, injectable form of hyaluronic Acid (Restylane, Perlane, Teoxane, Prevelle...), Radiesse, Sculptra, are both in Group fillers Filler. In particular, some substances are allowed to use all over the world, others are not safe should have been banned.

According to the doctor: "in places where beauty and prestige, the doctor must use Filler, licensed around the world. Also in the premises himself, because cheap ham should use fillers such as unauthorized sillicon liquid (a type of prohibited substance), the danger for customers, causing major consequences ".

Local doctors also recommended: "sisters beauty cosmetic base should select a reputable, licensed clinical activity of cosmetic surgery specialist, certificate of business registration in full. The best, according to the doctors, to make beautiful, sister should not ham, believe unidentified source in the procession to the fuselage to the distorted mouth, eyes, Chin trợn deviation as above ".=

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