Skin cancer because baby oil and DAB sunbathe for hours

Ashley Alexander (27 years old) have a DAB of baby oil (skin oils for baby) and sunbathe for hours with a desire to own the sexybrown skin. However, in October 2014, the doctors discovered a malignant mole on the back of Ashley and her diagnosis of skin cancer. Cutting a piece of skin to remove "the mole" malignant that we leave scars are about 7.5 cm on the back of Ashley.

So, you want to warn people about the risks may have to get tanned.

She said: "I was the cult of the Sun and always felt there was something wrong if its not tanned possession. Whenever I go on holiday, I have no body else would the sausages on the grill.

Ashley Alexander sunbathe constantly for expecting to have tanned.

As people have pale skin, tanned will help me be more confident. Your friends will compliment my tanned skin. I didn't have the notion that bronzed can kill themselves. Now, the illness to leave lifelong scars and the fear of disease re-duty ".

Ashley has carrot oil and DAB the skin creams that "forgotten" sunscreen when Sun bathing. She wasn't interested in the protection of the skin while sunbathing and arrogant once told her mother that "tomorrow you will get brown skin". She confessed that she was naive to think so.

Ashley has been warning about skin cancer at the age of 15 years when her grandmother discovered a suspicious mole on her back. Moles that have been surgically and submitted the test but for benign results. However the dermatologist has also warned her about the risk could be skin cancer.

She said: "He cautioned me that with blue eyes and white skin, I have a high risk of skin cancer and advised I should use a Sunscreen SPF higher concentrations and need careful shielding under the Sun. But I've been ignored ".

Do not use sunscreen, the consequence is Ashley Alexander suffered skin cancer.

When discovered the mole in the back, she still delayed to 6 months, just until her mother urged her to see a doctor.

3 weeks after Ashley to meet dermatologists at Crosshouse hospital in Kilmarnock College and perform a biopsy on the mole, she was diagnosed to have a malignant tumor.

Now, she spends most of her time in the shade and wearing long sleeve shirts. "I hope my story will inspire other people apply sunscreen whenever under the Sun," she shares.

Through the story of a girl age 27, you consider methods of beauty to own your skin like Italy without ill effects to health.=


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