Solved problems on the skin in the winter

(MissNews)-The winter skin problems will be solved if you know how., foot, skin lotion, massage, mask, cucumber heel ...

Minimize the color not stable on skin

Photo : Solved problems on the skin in the winter

Solved problems on the skin in the winter DAB is reducing serum for skin pigmentation.

After softening and moisturizing, skin will easily absorb the essences. Please apply the serum to the skin to prevent the maximum the appearance of freckles, sun spots and stains the skin suffered a rugged region. You will have a light skin smooth, perfect in the winter. Used just enough lather all over face, combining massage varies, Pat to active ingredients can penetrate deeply into the skin easily.

Cure dry skin with cucumber

Simple, but effective savings is what the cucumber mask gives you. Cucumbers are very beneficial in the treatment of dry skin. They keep moisture to the skin and make the skin glow all over color.

You can cut thin slices or flaked knife thin shavings of cucumber and then each class up to the. Note, though, with any type of face mask, you have to wash the dry skin in need of care.

Up cucumbers in about 30 minutes time and ongoing in a few days, you will notice a significant change of the skin.

Heel fissures treatment with lemon

For the skin, lemon has just brought the effect dirt, just help effective antibacterial by nature-acid in lemon is very rich. At the same time, lemons help soften chapped and anti effect. By soaking the feet in warm water has squeezed available ½ lemon, used for grinding the heel gently brush period 2 times a week will help skin part bottle taken away easily.

Against strongly stain human skin in winter

Sunshine is the No. 1 enemy of the skin, is also strongly stain human skin black elements go fast for long term recovery and for. Even in winter, when you need to use to protect your skin in the best way.