Song Hye Kyo proves the top beauty only with feminine hair and light yellow dress

Although Song Hye Kyo is nearly 40 years old, the beauty of Song Hye Kyo is now even more beautiful than the day she filmed The Happy House. Are you curious about the method for her to permanently own a beauty without age?

As an attractive face of kimchi cinema, during the past years, Song Hye Kyo has kept her own an admirable position. Not only is the fashion style subtle, she is always attracted to the beauty of old age though she just received her 37th birthday.

Still know Song Hye Kyo is the goddess of Korean entertainment with youthful beauty despite age. But she also very hard to refresh the image to avoid boredom and create attraction for themselves. The most obvious proof is in the hairstyle of the Queen of the Sun. Remember when pairing with Park Bo Gum in Encounter, Song Hye Kyo cut off her long feminine long hair. Since then, she has been constantly transforming her hair from short to long, from long to short, which has always made fans flutter.

Most recently, the creation of Song Hye Kyo when making new promotional photos made many fans panic. People tied their hair low and were old, Song Hye Kyo only asked simple hair, let loose a few curls but still beautiful.

Along with the feminine long hairstyle, the bright yellow floral dress pattern helps the actress look much younger than her real age.

To shine through the camera lens or the red carpet event, the stars are always polished by a perfect makeup. But to maintain a healthy skin is really a challenge for any star. With Song Hye Kyo, she always prioritizes cleaning the double cleansing skin done every night, even without makeup.

Not only that, also in the photo shoot that day, both from long hair goddess Song Hye Kyo has turned into a personality with a sharp, bold makeup.

So in just one photo shoot, Song Hye Kyo not only changed her hairstyle but also changed two styles of makeup to get a new image. Although only a number of behind-the-scenes photos have been thoroughly edited, but Song Hye Kyo still makes many fans panic because the beauty is not dead and beautiful, despite the fact that the photos are not aligned yet.

Normally, if makeup is required, Song will choose a simple base with moisturizing and anti-aging nutrients such as cushion or CC cream. Because when you have a healthy glowing skin that is cared for every day, you will not need a high-coverage makeup. In addition, the make-up that is too thick with foundation and powder will make the pores clogged so that the oil cannot escape - the cause of hidden acne, but this time she chose a bold, stylish makeup. impressively.