Teach you two simple plaited hair style to go play 20/10

New year hair roof

Divide the hair want reasonable thickness with Tet and brushed backwards up to the top.

Use lợớc brush hair bulging up.

Divide the hair into curls part small and new year together as shown.

Use the toothpick to fixed grip the hair.

After the finished hair style.

New year hair wavy deviation

Use a little hair on the top of the right side off the lunar new year.

Users manual dexterity, Tet Tet medium just to deflect towards the right and down tomorrow.

When the new year was part the hair to mai, you redirect Tet skewed to the left direction of the hair.

Continue new year for most hair and hair plaited back part fixed by ropes of thun.

Add a bow tie or a small flower setting up rubber parts to create erotic hair style or you can continue to create models with the next step.

With the remaining hair section, you use the rubber tied back.

Wrap hair plaited section that you created in the previous step around hair sections had forced.

Split the tail hair, roll them and bun back as in the picture. Then fixed them back using a small PIN.

Add a bow tie up your hair to become beautiful and lovely than

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