The beauty of Korean single eyelid is still beautiful thanks to transparent makeup

Transparent makeup can be said to be the most famous and popular makeup style in Korea. Because it doesn't respect the inherent natural beauty of a woman, it also has a great cosmetic effect if you wear makeup correctly.

The most important point in this type of makeup is that the foundation that conceals the imperfections on the face is still thin and glossy like glass. Next is the eyes, especially for those who own one-eyelid eyes, it does not need too elaborate makeup.

All you need to do is the thin tail eyeliner that does not last too long and is flipped to an angle of 30 degrees to help press the eye. Eyeshadows should only be selected in light shades like coral pink, earthy orange, or an emulsion. Eyelashes should be grouped and curled to help widen the eyes. It is important to remember that highlighting the color of the lower eyelid and puffiness of your eyes will give you a 100% aesthetic effect.

Kim Go Eun

Kim Da Mi

Rosé (BlackPink)