The first beauty in Beijing suggests how to protect the skin always pink and smooth

To keep the skin white and pink and smooth, 'First Beauty Beijing' Jing Diem has great recipes with sunscreen.

In the summer, beauty believers often have two worries: One is black skin, sunburn; The second is to care for the shiny oil. How do we fix this, how to keep the pink and white skin smooth and smooth? Understanding the hearts of beauty believers, Beijing's "first lady" Canh Diem had a great solution.

Picture 1 of The first beauty in Beijing suggests how to protect the skin always pink and smooth

Picture 1 of The first beauty in Beijing suggests how to protect the skin always pink and smooth

In the beauty clip shared by Canh Diem, she showed the fans a very simple summer beauty routine. In the first issue, to avoid sunburn, she urged fans to work hard to use sunscreen daily, apply cream to both face and body. Because sunscreen is like an extremely good protective layer of skin, anyone who takes care of sunscreen will also have a smooth, bright skin, no matter how hot it is.

Not stopping there, after waiting a bit for dry ice cream, Canh Diem will apply a thin layer of chalk on top. This coating will play a role in absorbing excess oil, making the skin smooth and still having a natural smoothness. Besides, chalk also helps "lock" sunscreen, helps to limit / avoid the cream being washed away by the sun and wind, sweat. Moreover, this layer of chalk works to smooth your arms, erasing the worry of greasy, or even oil on the arm itself, even sweat.

You can also choose light-colored chalk to lift skin tone, or choose sun-resistant chalk to increase skin protection.

Thus, only a small secret, Canh Diem helped solve two problems that made beauty believers suffer the most in the summer. This method can be applied to both face and body, this is also the way Canh Diem often applies, especially when filming in the hot sun.

Canh Diem (born in 1988) is an actor at the same time as Liu Yifei, Yang Mich, Duong Yen, Angelababy, . but if compared to his name, she is far behind her colleagues. Starting the acting career from 2007 until now, Canh Diem has played nearly 20 films, most of them are leading roles but she still hasn't got any movies to live. It can be said, Canh Diem is quite similar to Liu Yifei when she is both beautiful and pedestal, but she cannot be famous as the actress of the Great Spirit .

Jing Diem is a star actor in China, who appeared in the 'God of Macau' (2014) alongside Chau Nhuan Phat and Ta Dinh Phong; acting in '2013 Police Story' with Thanh Long; with 'Special Status' (2013), she appears on Donnie Yen; in 'Chien Quoc' (2011), she acted with Ngo Tran Vu .

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