The industry invariably beat the beautiful background to help keep the makeup even though it rains

1. Choose makeup-friendly sunscreen

Beauty believers must all have clear rules of applying sunscreen daily, regardless of sunshine or coolness. However, unfortunately for girls or makeup, sunscreen is not always an ally, in most cases is the culprit that makes the floor becomes slippery, easily shifted and pasty . Therefore, to preserve the foundation, you need to choose a makeup-friendly sunscreen. The ideal sunscreen to combine with makeup will act as a primer with an oily, smooth texture, creating adhesion to foundation cream, creating a durable, long-lasting base.

2. Use extra lotions

A small liner with martial arts can make a wonderful difference to your base. Not only does it create a smooth, smooth backdrop with high adhesion, it helps to "base" the cream on the skin, but the cream also adds to the divine functions such as blurring pores, controlling oil, bringing to the background. durable for many hours.

3. Priority long-lasting foundation cream

Logically, if you want to have a long-lasting background, simply use the foundation with long-formulas (longwear). This foundation cream is specially formulated to allow it to "fight" for 8 - 12 hours or more and still maintain a good performance. But also because it is especially long-lasting, this type of foundation cream will be more difficult to remove and requires you to remove the makeup more carefully.

4. Must be covered with chalk

Chalking is the basic step in maintaining a beautiful, but beautiful background that many girls overlook. It is true that when the cream is finished, the skin looks extremely cool, so we do not need to cover the chalk, but unfortunately the joy is short because it is not long after that, the foundation will have a shifting phenomenon. Wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, nose wings, etc. All of these will be minimized only through chalk manipulation. The powder is not only responsible for fixing the underlying foundation, but also is capable of absorbing oil, maintaining a smooth substrate. To cover the chalk while the skin is still smooth, not thick, choose a loose powder and only take a small amount of chalk.

5. Fixed makeup makeup is a powerful assistant

If you ask girls who "go around" that how their makeup class is still as beautiful as new after hours of dancing, sweating, or even when it rains, it still doesn't hurt. The words are fixed makeup spray. This kind of "god water" acts as an invisible membrane "covering" the makeup layer, preventing the move with the maximum effect of up to 12 hours. When you "bundle up" spray this product, you can rest assured that your makeup class will be perfect from morning to night, with sudden rain still beautiful and durable.