The only beauty who holds the standard shape in the post-Vietnam girls

Although many Miss Hau are erratic, Miss Do My Linh still perseveres in protecting her body thanks to her diet and exercise later.

Mai Phuong Thuy is one of Hau Viet's women who possesses an irregular shape. Recalling a bit, the new day of the coronation of Miss Vietnam 201 ., Mai Phuong Thuy made a strong impression in the public by not only talent but also extremely beautiful with a plump face, The part of the teeth is graceful and the body is perfectly beautiful. Again owning a height of 1m80 in height, Mai Phuong Thuy seems to become a beauty image that many sisters pursue.

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However, after many years of being crowned Miss, Mai Phuong Thuy's physique has been devastated. Still so beautiful and tall, yet, Mai Phuong Thuy was called by many people because her body was like a general day, especially the second round of fat and big thighs. rough. Even seemingly obsessed with weight, not long ago, Mai Phuong Thuy also assessed herself to look 3 times bigger than normal people when she saw her image on television. Through that, it can be clearly seen that Mai Phuong Thuy until now seems to be stuck in the issue of weight loss, keeping shape.

There was no erratic physique like Mai Phuong Thuy, but recently, Ky Duyen was also the name of a woman who was called by the people who were screaming loudly because her body was more chubby. First of all, it must be affirmed that everyone knows Ky Duyen is a beautiful woman who is extremely interested in preserving the beautiful image of herself in the eyes of the public. Not only has she invested heavily in the dress, this Miss Hau also takes great care of her appearance, showing clearly from the story of restoration to beauty of regular exercise routine to keep her posture. Confident with his physique, Ky Duyen often shares on social networks images showing off the perfect body, especially the fiery first round.

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However, lately, this Miss Hau seems to limit her showing off, brutal. This time is also a time when people suddenly realize that Ky Duyen is really gaining weight. A series of photos taken by Miss Hau with the body of the generals, with the shoulders and the shoulders of the muscular are handed over by the people. Most recently, it was a chubby image of Ky Duyen who appeared to love Minh Trieu rumor in an event. The pictures of Ky Duyen with her increasingly falling shape probably made many fans of this Miss Hau worry and regret.

He is thin

People who gained weight, who were so thin and alert, were most specifically able to mention names such as the billion-dollar billionaire Dang Thu Thao or the transgender Nguyen Huong Giang. In particular, the first mention is that Dang Thu Thao, Miss Hau made a lot of fans worried because her body is getting slimmer. Dang Thu Thao from the time of crowned Miss Vietnam 2016 has owned a rather slender body with a beautiful natural face, full of life. At that time, the beauty of Dang Thu Thao did not make much sense to the eye.

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However, since the time of marriage and childbirth, Dang Thu Thao's slender body has become more and more fragile and extremely lifeless. Obviously, while other maternal milks are always faced with overweight after birth, on the contrary, Dang Thu Thao is seriously underweight after giving birth. Many of the frames taken by Dang Thu Thao with slim body, affectionate legs or bony feet were discovered by the online community. Although the beauty is still intact in the face of Miss Hau, but surely the body of the incense has partly made this beauty lose points in the eyes of the fans.

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Also thin, not losing to Dang Thu Thao, it was Huong Giang, the beautiful transgender people caused storms of communication because of many remarkable achievements. Remember the new famous time, the shape of this beautiful woman is not really outstanding but it is just enough to balance the points in the eyes of the opposite. However, the fact that the name is getting stronger makes Huong Giang more aware of improving the physique for the perfect part.

It is not wrong, but losing weight without stopping has inadvertently put Huong Giang into an alarming state. The face is thin, the arms are tight, the three rings are full, all of them have created an image of Huong Giang that is somewhat frightening in the eyes of the public. Even, many people think that looking like Hau is just skin and bones.

Miss Do My Linh maintained her physique thanks to this

While a lot of Hau women face the situation of losing control of their weight, there is a Hau woman who has long remained beautiful and her physique is always at the highest level. He is Do My Linh, Miss Vietnam 2016. Do My Linh at the time of coronation was not really appreciated by the public about beauty, from face to physique.

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However, after trying to improve myself, from changing the make-up style, innovating the hair, diligently improving the shape and becoming more and more robust, Do My Linh at the present time has become a name that has been sought by many public. Not only possessing a beautiful face, Do My Linh also excelled in maintaining a slim, perfect physique with a deadly beautiful body curve. One can see that clearly in every frame, Do My Linh shared on social networks, even when the beautiful people did not show off their brains.

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It is known that in order to maintain the current physique, Do My Linh had to spend a lot of time to practice in combination with a reasonable diet. Specifically, for the exercise regime to improve physique, Miss Hau usually spends from 60-120 minutes to practice the gym. During the week, Do My Linh will practice 1-2 cardio sessions to promote the burning of excess fat, making the body firmer and healthier. Besides, Miss Hau also set up her own rules to avoid overweight and obesity, while reducing the risk of increasing waist size, which is to limit sitting for too long. Obviously, keeping the body active during the day helps people burn quite a lot of excess calories in the body, which causes a bulky physique.

As for the diet, Do My Linh often pursues a healthy and scientific standard diet menu, including many green vegetables, fruits, fish, and of course restricts the absorption of starch and enemies of the country. sister shape. In particular, one of the equally important factors to help improve a well-being Do My Linh is in the public eye which is the optimistic and cheerful spirit that Miss Hau is always aiming for.

It can be seen that even the beautiful people who possess the perfect body like Do My Linh always endeavor to keep and improve the physique in particular and beauty in general. On the contrary, just neglect a little in the diet and exercise, our girls, including the beautiful and charming Miss Hau like Mai Phuong Thuy, Ky Duyen, Dang Thu Thao or Huong Giang. , will definitely lose shape, even face a more terrible nightmare, is obese or thin to the point of alarm.

The new saying, preserving and improving the physique is not a girl's own story. In particular, the owner of her body is not perfect, immediately embark on the improvement of physique to get a more beautiful and attractive appearance. Besides, with the inherently fortunate women who have a great physique, keep on pursuing a proper diet and exercise to maintain and even improve the appearance of yourself. .

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