The role of Hythiol in the treatment of Melasma

Japanese women are famous for white skin. In addition to the favorable natural conditions or skin endowed, a popular method are women this water use is often Hythiol supplement C to the body.

Hythiol C is a compound (Hythiol, Vitamin C, L-cysteine, Vitamin E Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6,) play the role extremely important for your skin because it's likely intervention deep into the biochemical process, metabolism and melanin production. As we all know, Hythiol C help inhibits melanin synthesis process, remove the foot of lightening and treatment take root lightening, strongly stain human, freckles and brown spots.

Other than these kinds of external impact cosmetics, Hythiol C will have the effect of skin whitening from deep within. Hythiol C especially effective with women after childbirth or lightening due to hormonal changes. Even, Hythiol C also exclude lightening due to side effects of the pill or stress, due to age, environment or the type of products of unknown origin.

"Lightening the skin is a complex syndrome the treatment need to persevere, both in addition to fruit, always keep the true sense of comfort to avoid impatient that used the type of cosmetic peeling removal, while Sun is required."


According to Khanh Nguyen Thi Hue, Director represented Sakura in Vietnam said.

The ingredients are enhanced antioxidant nutrients have in Hythiol C helps skin to knock the signs of aging, DNA recovery due to UV damage. Hythiol C help cell regeneration with future loss due to the harmful effects of environmental pollution or by the type of Peel removal cosmetics, prevent pigment skin changes.


In addition, Hythiol C left trigger to the constant cell locomotion, help the body youthful, healthy and smooth skin is light. Besides, Hythiol C will help detoxify the skin, making the skin not tarnishes, down rough or sharp. It also supports the optimal treatment for bruises caused by acne, and prevent acne recurrence.

The main advantages of Hythiol C in the removal and lightening the skin, experts in the Sakura Research Institute in Japan for oral tablets product Sakura HCL White Blossom. This product was born after a long period of research, clinical trials and clinical approach.

Sakura HCL White Blossom were produced in Japan, with the main component is Hythiol c. this product is considered a progressive pharmaceutical, cosmetic treatment make the root problems of pigmentation, freckles and many Vietnam Women are experiencing.=


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