The royal queen of Thailand has just been deposed young at the age of 34 just because of this hair

Yesterday (October 21), the announcement came from the royal palace of Thailand with the content of stripping all titles of Ms. Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi - the royal noble who surprised the global public. Because just three months ago, the female general-general Sineenat, with her excellent integrity, was ordained as a royal and became the first person to receive this title since Thailand ended the monarchy. in 1921.

For three short months in office, the royal noble of Thailand has been stripped of all titles for being 'disloyal to the king' and 'against the appointment of the Empress (Suthida) . for personal ambition,' Royal Gazette Royal Gazette of Thailand wrote.

Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi once "fevered" with the sharp beauty and personality at the ceremony. Although during her time in office, she did not appear many times in public, but it was her youthful and noble beauty at the age of 34 that made her receive much love from the public.

Many people believe that compared to Queen Suthida - the fourth wife of the king possesses a salty and gentle beauty, the female Sineenat impresses the public with a personality and sharp appearance. In particular, while the majority of the four wives of the Thai king appear with their long, sleek hair, the royal queen is stripped of the title, affirming her strong image in a bad hairstyle. This helped her make a big difference, making the public curious.

Of the 60 photos of the royal lady Sineenat published by the Royal Thai in late August, it is easy to see that the bad hair has been with her for many years.

The photos are somewhat revealing about Sineenat's life in her daily activities. At times, she drove a civil aircraft in robust and sexy outfits. The flowing hair seems to enhance her charm and personality.

Although sitting in the cockpit and putting on her pilot outfit, Ms. Sineenat still did not forget to add a bit of makeup to her radiant appearance.

Compared to the gentle and charming queens, Sineenat shows her full of vitality as well as strong health in every frame.

Smooth white skin is also one of the points that make Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi's attractive attraction.

Although at the age of 34, it is undeniable that the beauty of the royal queen is still very young and radiant. Perhaps thanks in large part to the modern hairstyle she has been with for years.

Even so, thin hair or pixie hair is also considered a "tough hair" and is contraindicated for certain facial shapes. The reason Mrs. Sineenat can "flavor" with this hairstyle is because she owns a relatively small face. Therefore, people with oval, heart-shaped or angular faces will be more suitable for this poor hair.

For women with thin faces and pointed chin, make friends with curly pixie hair to help the face look fuller and more balanced.

Meanwhile, the hairstyle cut short to the jawline and on the shoulder is a good suggestion for those with a slim face. To eliminate the "masculinity" of this hairstyle, you can also combine it with thin or slanted bangs to give the face a more youthful and gentle look.

Finally, angular faces can be tested with pixie hair with alternating tail. Thanks to that, the lines on the moon will look more delicate and soft.