The secret to having clear, clear skin of Tea in Rose on her left breast

After Going home, roses on the left chest can be considered as the next great product that the VTV universe sends to TV viewers. The movie with the content revolving around the story of love, family and especially with the presence of Tra 'small tam' (played by actor Luong Thanh) exaggerated without losing Nha Nha. wrathful viewer.

Luong Thanh as Tra "minor tam" made viewers angry by the opposite.

Hate the role of `` tertiary '' of Luong Thanh but when looking at the photos of her daily life on social networks, people will surely be pleased with the gentle and pure beauty of this beauty. . Playing the role of a 'Tuesday' cheating, how much hate is in life, Luong Thanh shows a feminine image, giving off a gentle, pure appearance.

Just look at the new picture of knitting wool Luong Thanh shared on his personal Facebook page a few days ago, people will certainly have to recognize that. Not only does it attract attention by her dexterity, the actress also 'anesthetizes' all eyes with extremely beautiful and radiant face. Although the picture was taken only from afar, one can still clearly see the delicate face and the smooth white skin of Luong Thanh without the support of makeup and makeup.

Luong Thanh when exiting the role of Tea "small tam" looks extremely gentle and feminine. In particular, the white, smooth skin and the perfect bare face of the beauty in the picture seem to attract all eyes.

Because of her inherent beautiful natural skin, in many previous photos shared by Luong Thanh, people probably will not be able to recognize whether she really does makeup or not. Even sometimes beautiful people just need to bare face, apply a little fresh lipstick, it is enough to confidently go down the street.

Luong Thanh inherently beautiful natural skin perfectly.

Without the support of powder, makeup, beautiful people born in 1996 still scored excellent points in people's eyes with radiant faces.

Owning beautiful flawless skin, she just needs to leave her face bare and apply lipstick to freshness that is enough to make people fall in love.

It can be said that Luong Thanh is one of the new generation beauties of Vietnamese film village.

No one is naturally beautiful, which of course includes this beauty born in 1996. It is known that, in order to have a smooth, white and pink skin as at present, Luong Thanh always does not forget to pay attention and listen to her skin, so choose the most appropriate care, depending on the weather. or skin condition to replenish necessary nutrients. However, the actress is not too picky about skin care, but on the contrary, beautiful people often only maintain a skin care regime with basic steps.

Luong Thanh often applies a skincare regime that is not too fussy, only including basic steps such as sun protection, cleansing and moisturizing.

Specifically, every morning, Luong Thanh will wash her face with a cleanser, apply rose water and end the skin care cycle by applying sunscreen. For this beauty, applying sunscreen is an important step to help protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, limiting dark skin, premature aging, . Besides, in the evening , beauty will start the skin care stage with a clean makeup remover, wash your face with facial cleanser, then apply moisturizer and apply a chamomile mask for about 10 minutes.

By not using too many skin care products, she always keeps her skin clear, thereby helping the skin 'breathe' easier, while supporting the skin's regeneration process to take place easily.

Drinking plenty of water and pursuing a healthy diet is a way for beautiful people to improve skin health from deep within.

In addition to skincare from the outside, Luong Thanh does not forget to take care of the skin from the inside by drinking 2 liters of filtered water a day, while eating plenty of green vegetables and good food for skin such as tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, carrot.

In particular, if drinking water helps to eliminate toxins in the body, help the skin healthier, the addition of healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, . will give the skin more vitamins, Essential minerals to enhance skin health, help skin against the penetration of signs of aging.