The secret to losing weight and beauty of the hottest dwarf mushroom showbiz Vietnam

Si Thanh is a multi-talented beauty who not only takes on the role of VJ but also invades singing, acting and participating in reality shows. Compared to other stars, she is quite modest in height, but the three-round measurement is extremely sexy 82-59-89 cm so many people call her "the hottest dwarf mushroom in Vietnamese showbiz".

Si Thanh is not tall, but she has a beautiful body.

Recently, to mark the 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Si Thanh posted a video of a tiny bikini in the water to celebrate. Beautiful people received a shower of compliments for beautiful body, many people want Si Thanh to make a video about the weight loss menu as well as share secrets to have a hot body.

What episode to have a beautiful standard body?

Si Thanh regularly goes to the gym, to practice bodybuilding is an effective way to help you have a beautiful, toned body. For those who are not slim, gym will reduce excess fat whereas the "heron" girls will gain weight and be more supple. In addition, the gym also helps prevent disease, improve cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, .

Her "dwarf mushroom" Si Thanh has a huge round.

One of the exercises performed by Si Thanh is the third round, but many people are afraid of increasing the size of the buttocks synonymous with thigh enlargement. Si Thanh shared, when exercising with a butt machine, he needs to spread his legs fast but close slowly, to feel his muscles practicing. If you feel pain in your buttocks, it means that you are practicing effectively. Next is the weightlifting exercise, with your feet shoulder-width apart, on your knees but still have to keep your back straight and take the weight down as slow as possible, pull it up, it must be definitely. Si Thanh's gym motto is slow but sure.

Si Thanh regularly exercises gym to maintain his physique.

In addition, Si Thanh also actively practices yoga. This is an effective method to balance the mind and body because the nature of yoga is towards harmony and balance. Si Thanh has reached the level of performing difficult exercises such as reversing. Experts say that when the head is pointed to the ground, more blood is poured into the face, helping to replenish oxygen to the skin, stimulate cells in the cheeks, forehead, smooth skin and minimize the formation of wrinkles.

Beautiful people also regularly practice yoga.

How to lose weight?

Si Thanh was the thinnest moment at 39.5 kg and the heaviest time was 45 kg, weighing at 42 kg with Si Thanh being the most balanced. She often drinks a glass of honey lemon juice in the morning to help antibacterial while making the skin more beautiful. When going out to eat with friends, instead of drinking soft drinks, Si Thanh chose lemonade without sugar. Lemons are high in vitamin C and are considered natural fruits for weight loss.

Si Thanh has created a habit of drinking lemonade, which is both good for health and aiding weight loss.

In addition to lemons, Si Thanh also uses grapefruit to lose weight. Grapefruit provides the body with a large amount of vitamins, especially vitamin C. The substances in grapefruit also help us reduce appetite and burn excess fat. But not every grapefruit is good because they will cause the digestive system to erode causing stomach ulcers so need to eat moderately.

Besides lemons, grapefruit is also a food to help lose weight effectively.

Before eating, drink a full glass of water to limit eating, and stop eating junk food and cutting carbs and avoiding sweets. Essential tips for all those who want to lose weight is to split the diet. If you are afraid of eating less hungry then prepare healthy foods like salads, sweet potatoes in the cupboard, when stomach protest, eat these healthy foods.

Si Thanh proved, not high but still extremely attractive.

In addition Si Thanh also lost weight by belly harness. She shared how this works for her because the waist harness helps shape the waist and spine, straighten the posture and reduce waist circumference. However, Si Thanh also affirms this depends on the location of each person. Others are opposed to the dangerous beauty method because of the unpredictable consequences associated with breathing, ribs, .

You should consider losing weight by holding your belly down.

Last but not least, be patient with your goals, beauty is simple but actually extremely difficult, if you quickly give up, it will be difficult to turn yourself into a good version. than of yourself.

Beauty is an arduous process that you absolutely must persevere.