The secret to losing weight to get a multitude of people who love the Korean idols

When you look at the promotional posters of Korean female stars, you will be admired because they possess a slim body and powerful long legs. However, to maintain such a healthy physique, female stars have to spend a lot of time on eating and exercising. They even have to give up the food that they used to love.

If you're still curious about how to keep the shape from Korean stars, compare some beauty tips from them to find out for yourself the most suitable method!

Seolhyun (AOA)

When it comes to the real case of losing too much weight, you can't ignore Seolhyun. At the beginning of his debut, Seolhyun had a pretty chubby face and an unbalanced physique. Over time, this girl gradually molts and tests a lot of weight loss methods to change her appearance.

* Seolhyun's secret:

When starting to lose weight, Seolhyun had to stop eating his favorite foods. She applied a very harsh one-day meal menu with 2 sweet potatoes, chicken breast and boiled eggs. Later, Seolhyun gradually balanced his menu for science. At the same time, she also strengthened the practice, especially the Pilates exercises that help keep the figure effective.

Jihyo (TWICE)

The leader of the group Jihyo is undoubtedly the most spectacular member of the TWICE group. Each self-deprecating appearance and being criticized as the worst member of the group, but now, Jihyo's beauty has promoted a lot. Over time of non-stop training, Jihyo has lost 10kg and has a spectacular makeover in both style and appearance.

* Jihyo's secret:

Jihyo spent almost the entire time of the day practicing perseverance. She switched to eating more green vegetables and removing starches from her diet. Gradually, Jihyo received a result worthy of the effort. From a round body, now, Jihyo has become more compact and confident. In particular, she also maintained her breast shape after a period of intense weight loss.

Sana (TWICE)

Sana is also a face with spectacular transformation after the weight loss period. She used to be very self-deprecating because of her "plump" face and her oversized big legs. After joining SIXTEEN, photographs of her fat face and ugly figure in the past were released. This contributes to Sana's sadness and determination to lose weight.

* Sana's secret:

Sana shared that she left all her favorite snacks and spent hours working out in the gym. Around that time, Sana was very tired but because she wanted to have a slimmer appearance, Sana still tried her best. As a result, Sana's body gradually became neat, balanced, her face was also more elegant and gentle.


Before acquiring a glamorous figure like this, HyunA used to be self-deprecating because of her fat face and her slender body. After that, thanks to a combination of eating and practicing science, HyunA had a spectacular transformation over time.

* HyunA's secret:

HyunA breaks down her meals into 5 meals. At the same time, she also removes foods that contain starch and lots of calories from the diet. HyunA's training methods revolve around between walking stairs and practicing choreography daily.

Umji (G-Friend)

Netizens used to criticize the beauty of Umji very much, but now, this girl has proved her weight loss results can change people's thinking.

* Umji's secret:

At the present time, Umji has been represented by a number of brand labels thanks to his miraculous shedding. Umji's weight-loss key is only encapsulated in strict diet and non-stop exercise. She removed the starch from her diet and replaced it with brown rice and sweet potatoes in the past year to control the amount of carbs in her body. At the same time, Umji also combines Pilates practice and practicing choreography to improve a more perfect physique.