The secret to post-possession women with 0% body fat

Tran Tieu Vy

Crowned as Miss when she was just 18 years old, Tieu Vy from the early days impressed the fans with a good shape, sharp face and healthy brown skin. She owns a height of 1.74 m and measuring three times 84-63-90 cm admirable. However, in order to achieve this achievement, Tieu Vy has constantly tried to improve her skills and physique for a long time.

Appeared at the Miss World Vietnam finale last 2019, Tieu Vy made many people have to "explode" their eyes because of their sharp eyes. In the deep-cut dress form, the confident woman showed off the full stretch of peach mound and long legs.

Before that, in the arena beauty Miss World 2018, 10X Nghe An 'cut heart' fans when the bikini shows off the fiery curves are not inferior to any senior. Even, the flat belly and the muscular abdominal muscles of Tieu Vy make many people envious.

Owning a balanced body from a small age, Tieu Vy is usually not too strict for the daily diet. Instead, she invests time to practice exercises to keep her shape firm and supple.

In addition, the secret to obtaining the impressive height that Tieu Vy once shared was because she had been given a lot of milk by her mother, with up to 6 bags per day.

After a year of coronation, long-legged Nghe An original not only increasingly diversified in fashion style but the color of Tieu Vy also promoted significantly.

H'Hen Niê

It is considered that Miss owns the best shape in the village of Vietnamese flavor, at the time of coronation, H'Hen Niê stands out with a measurement of 3 rounds of 83-60-97 with the height of 1.73 m. However, few people know that before, she used to weigh nearly 70kg with a rather "round" body. Since determining the goal to become a model, the 'Highland pearl' has adjusted the diet, exercise and proper activities to keep the sexy hourglass figure in the present.

After many years of constant improvement and improvement, now when striding at any event, the public cannot stop watching H'Hen Niê's exquisitely beautiful appearance.

So, what are the secrets to help Miss Hau always confident in the tight suit, split high and thousands?

Starting the new day, H'Hen Niê often drinks 400 to 450 ml of lemon juice mixed with honey and warm water. For breakfast, Miss Hau said no to starchy foods, focusing on soft foods such as bananas, sugar-free yogurt and adding plenty of boiled vegetables and eggs.

In addition, the beauty of the Ede beauty did not forget to drink 2 cups of homemade soy milk to enhance the round 1 measure. At noon, H'Hen Niê would choose for themselves the food suitable to the practice regime. . Accordingly, for the body to become firm, increase muscle during exercise, the indispensable foods in the menu every day are: cauliflower, nuts, 1.5kg boiled chicken and a ripe banana banana.

In the evening, if you need to lose weight quickly, long legs will abstain from all kinds of food and instead drink plenty of water. In the remaining days, H'Hen Niê will prepare home cooked food. The dishes of H'Hen Niê are always ensured not to spice up and apply stir-frying and frying methods to help the food keep the freshness and limit oil and grease.

Besides a healthy diet, H'Hen Niê also focuses on practicing to keep fit. Every day, she will spend 2 hours running to burn belly fat and thighs.

In addition, the beauties also continually practice the gym, especially the continuous squat exercises to bend the buttocks, breasts and slim waist.

For H'Hen Niê, sleep also plays an important part in maintaining body shape and maintaining a happy and relaxed spirit. Every evening, H'Hen Niê will try to go to bed before 11pm and get up at 6am. At noon, she took a nap for 15 to 30 minutes because more sleep would make her body more tired and sluggish.

Mai Phuong Thuy

After 10 years of coronation, the name Mai Phuong Thuy still retains a strong power for beauty fans. With the highest 'height' in Vietnamese Miss Orchestra up to 1m80, measurements of three rounds 86-61.5-95, it is not difficult for the beauty of Mai to keep her an unbeaten position in the rankings of the Misses has the hottest physique. Although there has been a period of erratic weight gain, recently, Mai Phuong Thuy has regained her form and is increasingly amazingly promoted.

Impressive height and 3 fiery rings of Mai Phuong Thuy besides genetic factors also come from proper diet and exercise. By the time the weight increased to 65kg, the beauty had to go through a serious diet.

According to Mai Phuong Thuy's disclosure, despite losing weight, she always ensured a full complement of nutrients during meals. Her diet is mainly green vegetables and minimizes consumption of other foods so that she can 'bid farewell' to her round figure for a short time.

During the day, 1988 beauties drink plenty of water to replenish energy and stay healthy. In addition to filtered water, Mai Phuong Thuy also uses a variety of fruit juices such as apples, grapes, watermelons . at noon or late afternoon.

About the regime of exercise, long-legged roots in Hanoi gym 3 sessions / week, practice dancing 3 times / week to help the body to be toned and more supple. For the rest of the time, the beauties mainly devoted to running.

Like H'Hen Niê, Mai Phuong Thuy pays great attention to sleep. Every day, she will sleep for 8 hours, from 23pm the previous day to 6am the next morning to exercise. This scientific habit not only helps Miss Hau to maintain a healthy and alert state but also maintain her best.

Ha Kieu Anh

The coronation of Miss Vietnam 1992, through 17 years, Ha Kieu Anh is still one of the "pink ball" possessing the beauty of the old Vietnamese village. Not only is the youthful and salty, but the shape of the mother of three children cannot be ignored. And in order to get a healthy, toned body, Ha Kieu Anh has to go through a process of scientific training and eating.

Ha Kieu Anh's beautiful stature at the age of 43 makes many twenties also jealous. Especially smooth white skin and three standard calibration rings are not easy to own.

Like other women during pregnancy, Ha Kieu Anh's third pass also made her physique more "fertile" than seen. However, shortly thereafter, the beauty of Kieu quickly regained her slim body by using a gut and dry sauna to remove excess water.

Besides, the mother of three children also takes a lot of exercise every day to maintain a healthy and energetic body. In it, yoga is pursued by her for many years because it can help her body be more flexible and youthful.

Talking about diet, the mother of three children adopted a balm method originating from Japan. Accordingly, the menu of every daily meal must be balanced. Based on the concept of yin and yang, yin foods include sweet, cold and passive types and yang foods are salty, hot and positive.

Accordingly, Ha Kieu Anh mainly eat vegetables and fruits, avoid eating fish meat and sweets, rice rice is strictly avoided.

At the age of 43, it is undeniable that Ha Kieu Anh is still a rare flower fragrance of Vietnamese entertainment industry with an ever-growing beauty and an uplifting physique.