The secret to the billion billion fairy Liu Yifei is more and more beautiful and young

"Female billion-billion" Liu Yifei is a monumental beauty in Chinese-style ancient film genre. She was praised as "a thousand-year-old woman with a beauty", especially after starring in the movie "The Condor Heroes", Thien Long Bat Bo .

At the age of 16, the image is as fragile and beautiful as the dew, the pureness of Liu Yifei makes thousands of people fall in love.

It is not natural that Liu Yifei has such perfect colors. She has revealed to the press that she follows certain beauty principles, focuses on eating science and practicing steadily to maintain beauty.

When Liu Yifei is 21 years old, the more beautiful she is, she is praised for possessing the beauty of a fairy, who rarely gets it. To describe her face, the audience used all the words as lovable, delicate, beautiful gold ratio, beautiful spotless, like goddess .

2008 was when Liu Yifei was 21 years old. She rose to become an A-star star after the movie The Great Conductor (2006). Looking back at this old series of photos, the audience commented: "Her old identity is like this, she is called a fairy god billion. Vuong Ngu Yen or Tieu Long Nu are the roles born to save to Liu Yifei. "

To preserve beauty, Liu Yifei said, she often ate a lot of fruits and drink nutritious soup, soup to cool down. On the contrary, she rarely ate fried food through grease such as french fries, chicken salt vinegar .

Every morning, the actress always enjoys a healthy meal consisting of 1 cup of fruit juice (lemon, apple, strawberry or synthetic), eating more oats and bananas (or other fruits). Acting work requires frequent makeup so Liu Yifei pays great attention to removing makeup every day. She uses specialized water to cleanse the skin at the end of her job and apply lotion afterwards.

If you feel dry skin, Liu Yifei will mask, maintain moisture and elasticity for the skin. Not only that, before leaving home, Liu Yifei always applied sunscreen to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays.

In addition to eating science, thorough skin care, Liu Yifei maintains ballet learning. This is the perfect method to help "billion billion gods" improve temperament and train the body.

Although she is busy with work, she always takes the time to mobilize, such as running, climbing, swimming, at least 2-3 times per week . Just time, Liu Yifei will Go swimming with my mother to improve my stature.


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