The trendiest hairstyles are now due to the promotion of these Korean stars

Red Velvet - ombre hair

Ombre hair is actually no stranger to western beauty believers, but in Asia, it is not very well known, until people admire Red Velvet's debut with their "Happiness" single. in 2014.

It is the appearance of 4 beautiful young idols and prominent ombre hair that makes people stand still, especially in Korea. Must be recognized, ombre dye is the best solution for those who like to experiment with outstanding hair colors but do not want to bleach hair a lot. When you "play bored", you just need to cut all the ends of your hair and finish!

Sunmi - hair trimmed layer

Along with Suzy, Sunmi is also an idol who has "revived" the hair for a trimmed layer, when the trend of a straight hair is gradually regressing. Layer pruning not only helps your hair look thicker, bulge, remove split ends, but also make styling easier. However, in order to be safe, you should only trim the lower layer, but not too high.

Sulli - "gnaw" bangs (bang choppy) Since after the movie "Fairy Girl Weightlifting" caused storms all over the place, people have also begun to feel more sympathetic to the short-haired roof. But if the movie Kim Bok Joo left the roof pretty, Sulli has raised the level of this roof to a new level.

Still just short on the eyebrows, but Sulli's roof looks more mundane than the original, called the "gnaw" bang (choppy bang). Listening to the name is a little less beautiful and relatively picky, but Sulli's bangs make you look more interesting and cool.

IU - onion bangs

If I used to tie or tie my hair in a high fashion, it was a habit to remove all my hair, IU was different, she still let go of the small curls and curled it gently. This is called onion hair.

In addition to helping you look softer, more feminine, onion hair also helps you look better . bald when tied, tufts of hair. Of course, you can also apply this hairstyle even when hair is loose.

Seo In Young - mushroom head

Although now absent, but there was a time, the type of mushroom head is the beloved beauty of kim chi, especially when people see singer Seo In Young shine when leaving this hairstyle.

Basically, this hairstyle is very cute and suitable for those who have a gentle, cute style but at the same time, it also suits people with sexy, fiery style. The biggest minus point is the mushroom head does not match the hot summer weather.

BoA - lion hair

The 8x, early 9x youth must be no stranger to lion hair, a high-class trim and look quite personality. In Korea, lion hair helpers become hot trend cult once was BoA - the most powerful vocalist SM. Looking back now, it is possible that many people will not "penetrate" this hairstyle, but in the past, it was one of the deciding factors, helping you become more personality and "playboy".