To have a rustic face and a perfect makeup background, it turns out that Bao Anh also had to resort to this way?

Referring to the Vietnamese beauties possessing outstanding beauty and beauty, they cannot forget to mention Bao Anh.

Completely removing makeup, everyone must be a little jealous of Bao Anh's healthy, unpasteurized pores and fine pores; I must say it is close to perfect.

However, the most regretful thing for those who admire Bao Anh's skin, is that she never revealed her skincare secret until today. And even if it is a super small skin care tip, it will help a lot for your skin.

In the midst of his busy schedule, Bao Anh still doesn't forget to care for his skin with a paper mask. And this is considered a relaxation solution, moisturizing and instant recovery for the skin thanks to abundant nutrients. In the hot summer days, faced with many harmful external factors such as sunshine, wind, air conditioning and stress at work, you should be prepared in your skincare fortune a few pieces of face Paper mask, suitable for the type of skin and problem facing. Next, about 1-2 times a week, you put on a mask, soon, your skin will improve, become more smooth and healthier.

Bao Anh also shared, after taking advantage of the paper mask, when getting off the bus, she will peel off the mask and immediately embark on the makeup stage. This is also considered to be a great technique to make the foundation easy to penetrate into the skin, leaving a natural makeup foundation, smooth, while maintaining the moisture for the skin for many hours. Even Korean make-up witch - Pony also applies great face mask before makeup, you should study right away!

Pony makeup witch - Pony also applies a great paper mask to get the perfect makeup background.


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