Vietnamese stars and prawn noodles with ramen noodles, is it as beautiful as the trend of Korea?

Anyway, Korea is still the cradle of Asian hair trends. What kind of Korean people are like is that, it will immediately become a hot trend in Vietnam. The mist also has a sparse haircut, a pruning layer or a curly hair, which is called a noodle dish for the wild.

In fact, shrimp noodle hair was "born" decades ago but has long since become a "stepchild" in the eyes of beauty believers for all reasons. Which is the fault, which is the damage to the hair, which is to turn the owner of the lord of the lord if bending too much, and so on. However, after being initiated by Sulli, this hairstyle suddenly returns and is more beneficial than before. Even when this trend is gradually cooling down in Korea, in Vietnam, it is still hot trend.

Combined with unkempt hairstyles are Korean natural makeup with pale eyebrows, clear background, dreamy eyes and a gentle, lush lips that bring a sweet, youthful look to actress Phuong. Trinh.

Within the past few years, Vietnamese stars have been constantly chasing a noodle dish without knowing whether it suits them or not. Just be fashionable, that's the first thing.

A series of Vietnamese stars, she still competes for each other, is busy and free, as if this is the flame of the truth burning in her heart without needing to know if it suits her. Speaking of "matching" issues, the question arises, is this a "mass" hairstyle, who can match it?

A feeling of ecstasy and heavyness surged when the audience kept watching the beauties carry their hair ruffled over their heads.

Unlike curly curls, the noodles are a very picky hair style and picky. Don't think about it alone: ​​the pretty face for your hair to match. Practically proven, to those who are said to have very beautiful looks like Huong Giang, Bao Anh and Huyen My . are also not very successful when leaving this hairstyle.

They look heavy and old when they carry this huge mass of hair on their heads. The feeling of being overwhelmed is especially when Vietnamese stars like to leave this hair in the summer, making the audience feel as hard as when they have to wear 8891 layers of robes standing in the middle of the 43 degrees between Ho Guom walking street.

Shrimp noodles are very new, but if you eat a lot, you will feel like it. Similarly, the ruffled hair at first looks good, but the more people look, the more you will feel. It is time for Vietnam to choose for themselves the trend and more suitable hairstyle instead of running under hot trend in such a way of indiscriminately.