A dozen fire mother-in-law discovered with boys

I own the beauty not so beautiful but are very lucky and happy to have been a great husband. He is not only handsome, but also a very good mentality and husband. From love each other, and then married, I've never been disappointed about.

Married living son of two truly satisfied. I silently thank heaven he brought to me man, the perfect husband. Day by day, I and my husband go to the same agency and then return home together. We still as loved by purgatory sons yet.

Not only burned the nose with his mates, I'm also proud to have been a good husband mother computer. Family launch date, I was impressed with his mother's boyfriend by comfort, psychological. And now when the bride is already in the House, the more I saw that didn't feel wrong.

I thought the stuff about the secret marriage of dynamic mother-in-law.

Married early and live in silk velvet mother-in-law should I nom pretty much younger than his 43 years. She retains the compact physique. I guess the old days who was born her husband is also the us form.

Mother-in-law had never imposed anything with daughter-in-law. She and create friendly, close by that I didn't have the feeling I'm going to do as many child bride.

My husband and I talk very combination. Gradually I am with her as the person who delivered you. There are many things that still makes my husband is jealous because her gossip, or exercise along with her that "xao nhãng".

Once in the afternoon while shopping along your mates, I suddenly saw my mother her husband stepping down the car the same young man. That person certainly not father-in-law by then he was on a business trip abroad.

The two of them quickly step into a deep lane and stops is. I am tall people because of it but concealed it. That night, after returning home for dinner with the couple. During the meal, not to question two, mother-in-law said her sister met again today raising after 4 years out of touch.

Sure mom husband are lying so I call thanks to him you are the detective to track the two men. I want to know what this specifically.

The following evening, people you've followed the car of the mother-in-law and the results obtained as what I had thought. The mother of my husband and the other men were already paired with another long time. She and hers usually met in the hostel on each occasion her husband on a business trip.

I'm stunned to learn the truth about her husband's mother. My relationship and she's still very good. She never or know about what I did.

Secret of mother-in-law I also continue to reveal. In a move the furniture I accidentally read a message by her young lover to send. There are pictures of naked men. So two people regularly send the message cool for another. In the Inbox, I shock when she kept a lot of cool pictures of himself and his lover each meet.

Quickly erase the brief message just reading and then to the phone on the situation in the beginning, I thought the stuff about the secret marriage of dynamic mother-in-law. I wonder should speak this for hubby? If all exposed, nice relationship between me and my mother her husband hard to hold. What do I do now?=