Afraid of her future daughter-in-law, her mother hired a detective to investigate, but had to immediately call her son: You are a bad boy!

People say that it is not wrong that "beauty is bad," she hates it because it applies to her life, a woman of perfect talent but not fully happy.

She loved him for 7 years and waited for him to return to his duty, love despite the numerous ways of returning to the geographical distance, the letters written hastily for several months to reach. But she remained faithful to her heart waiting for him to return. They were the first love and also the last love of each other. After 7 years of waiting, he returned in the joy of her joy, the two quickly organized the wedding.

But the happiness of two people is so fragile, when she was 4 months pregnant, he had an accident and died on the spot. She cried faints and fainted in shock, everyone was afraid she would not be able to hold the pregnancy. Yet she tried to suppress her tears and swallow each spoon of porridge and keep calm so that the fetus would not happen.

Her mother loved her young daughter who lost her husband, and what her future would be like in this age where she was widowed. Her mother had to risk telling her or leaving the baby, her future was still ahead, she was beautiful and good and would also find other good people.


And yet the words just came out, she had to leave because she was angry at her mother. For her, no matter what people say, her faithful husband and wife's love for him will never change.

On a cold winter night, she went into labor and gave birth to a cute boy. She named her Happiness according to his wishes, because he once told her that two people being able to get together was his greatest happiness. Whether the first child is a boy or a girl, he also wants to name the child "Happiness" to prove their love.

The life of a single mother is very hard, she has to be a father and a mother at the same time, she has to play the gentle role and the evil role to teach her children. Then when my toddler, talking, laughing, going to school . every single period she felt really tired. Fortunately, the family is always at the side of the support, so her children grow healthy.

She sacrificed her youth so to raise an adult child, many young people followed her, and her parents and friends commented much, but she insisted on raising the child. She is no different from beautiful roses but full of thorns, no matter how hard and hard life is in the waves, she is still so firm. For her, her son is the most precious thing her husband has left; She will raise you well and give all the best for you.

Fleeting for 15 years, 20 years, now her son is nearly 30 years old. She was satisfied with her current life, stable economy, successful son and decent life; Now she only needs to get married again, she is secure.

She is not the old-fashioned or difficult, but she loves her son so the daughter-in-law in her eyes must be a gentle and gentle girl. She did not need their families to be rich or qualified, so that her son would be responsible for raising the family. The daughter-in-law only needs to be a solid rearer for her husband. If she has time, she can go to the spa or go shopping with her.

Seeing his easy-going mother, Minh, her son was also somewhat relieved, because his young girlfriend was afraid of not understanding what she was afraid of. But this year he is almost 30 years old, if not married now, he is afraid his mother will age more and more. Fortunately, his girlfriend also agreed to marry even though she was only 21 years old.

Going home to launch her lover's mother, she was quite satisfied with her son's lover and agreed to let the two get married. 2 families moved to talk and then set a date for marriage, but then did not know where she heard the story about the future daughter-in-law had an abortion. If that was true, then she wouldn't accept that girl to be a bride.

Afraid to ask her son, her son would defend his lover, so she eventually hired a detective to investigate, by the way, how did the girl live? After only a few days, the detective showed her the results, and when she opened it, she immediately got mad and called her son to go home immediately.

Abandoning the meeting to see what happened to her mother, when she walked into the house, she was slapped by a mother:


- Ah, why did you hit me?

- You're a bad guy! Marry it right here for me, next month it will not be delayed any more. She shouted

- Oh, but the date is fixed, Mom, next month is a bit urgent.

- Fold, fold something. She's just over 20 years old and you've taken her abortion twice, are you a human?

At this time, Minh could not hide his mother anymore, he confessed that he had known his lover since she was the first year in college. But because she didn't avoid it carefully, she became pregnant twice, at which time she was young so Minh discussed with her lover to have an abortion. In fact, he loved her so much that he loved her more and more to make up for her future daughter-in-law, so the next day, she and her son went to set the issue of marriage with the bride's family, speeding up the progress. degree to month is always married.

She is truly a psychological mother-in-law every girl dreams of.