All day complimenting the daughter-in-law of the family, when the mother-in-law is seriously ill, the daughter-in-law treats this way

- The daughter-in-law of the people go to work, then after 5 o'clock, she comes home to eat and take care of her husband's family. And this daughter-in-law, every day, she had to catch this old body to serve her so that she could stand still.

As soon as we drove the car to the gate of Hoa, I heard my mother-in-law decry. This happened on a regular basis like rice and dinner, so Hoa did not find anything strange. But not because of listening much that Hoa did not think anything. Hoa really feels depressed and tired when she has to live with a mother-in-law all day looking at herself. While everything that Hoa does with her husband's family, doesn't it get a lot of compliments from everyone?

From the day of being a bride to date, Hoa has never neglected her responsibility to her husband's family. No matter how sick, how tired, Hoa will try to fulfill his obligations and obligations towards his husband's family.


Hoa's husband is an only child, his work is also extremely busy so almost all housework is solely undertaken by Hoa alone. Commemoration made ten tray tray but also only Hoa. On the first day of New Year, I have to visit and give gifts to relatives who are also Hoa to take care of themselves. Although Hoa's mother-in-law is still healthy, she stays at home all day but does not touch anything that allows Hoa to go home from work to the opposite. Rice without punctuality is exactly like that Hoa will hear the chorus of her husband's daughter-in-law right away.

The mother-in-law of Hoa, from the day when Hoa comes to be a bride, there is always a catch from the people's mouth. The daughter-in-law of the family, obviously not equal to Hoa, but in the eyes of Hoa's mother-in-law, all of those daughters-in-law are better off than Hoa. Neighbors also praised Hoa for being gentle, stern, and praised Hoa's mother-in-law, who had a good daughter-in-law. Yet everything that Hoa does, nothing has made Hoa mother-in-law feel satisfied.

Going to work has always been hands and feet, at home on weekends, Hoa could not rest. Hoa's mother-in-law brought all the things that forced Hoa to do. Flowers do not let it still, still find all ways to prune flowers. He even brought Hoa's parents to speak and didn't know how to teach his children. The family lived only 15 kilometers away from her husband's family, and sometimes Hoa could not come home for a month.

Worse, the last time Hoa was pregnant for 1 month, her mother-in-law just saw a little lie back to the story of her daughter-in-law and her daughter-in-law. To the point that Hoa could not stand it, she sat up to do some housework so that she could accidentally fall over her pregnancy. The mother-in-law did not comfort one sentence and turned to scold Hoa for not being a daughter-in-law, kinky, useless. Hoa tearfully.


Hoa's mother-in-law fell down, temporarily unable to walk but had to lie in a caretaker's place. I thought that if I fell down, if I cared for Hoa, then Hoa's mother-in-law would think again and love Hoa and treat Hoa much better. Who would have thought that every day Hoa poured water on the rice that Hoa's mother-in-law was still grinding, lead-extraction, every word was mechanical, cursing at Hoa. Just have to work, just worry about work, housework, to take care of fastidious mother-in-law, Hoa is really tired.

My mother-in-law should have loved Hoa when she had finished things. Never seen her considerate, gentle with Hoa ever. Not reprimanding is also full of harsh words. Unable to endure any longer, once the mother-in-law used harsh words of disdain for Hoa, later called Hoa for a glass of water, Hoa only heard and then snorted:

- My wife is busy taking care of her husband's mother. If she wants to be a servant, she will call after the bride's family.

The mother-in-law was crazy, crying to make up for it. Hoa really doesn't know what to do anymore. Hoa husband said he loved Hoa but could not disobey his mother. The marriage between the bride and mother-in-law without a common voice like this will go nowhere.