As the mother-in-law, just need to eat with the tongue, thinking that the mother-in-law only talks for fun, who expected 4 years later ...

Four years ago when she first came out to her lover's house, she (now her mother-in-law now) went straight to the problem:

- Do you have any brothers and sisters?

- Yes, I have 2 sisters

- Yes, I love my parents, after that the daughter goes to get married as well as a bowl of water pouring away

She was a bit stunned by her words of willingness but tried to appear natural

- Yes, a boy or a girl must be filial, too

- Have you determined to be my bride?


- Yes, we love each other seriously. Flowers suddenly 2 times but still politely answer

- He said that he always made his wife do not need to do anything, just eat with knowing that she could do it, she could not do it after the wedding, she must be another bride.

Hoa heard that, it was scary but just wanted to get married so he agreed immediately. Any doubt, the next month, the son's family went to ask for a real wedding. Of course, she was happy to be happy because I was finally able to board the flower car. To tell the truth, the talk with my mother-in-law again about the birth of a Chinese baby is also a bit worrying. But she thought it was probably because her mother-in-law only joked her.

next 4 years

People were suddenly overwhelmed when Hoa gave birth to four children at the same time. Every time someone asked about Hoa, he laughed, thinking that his mother-in-law thought she was joking for fun, after she got married, she did not understand why Hoa was so lucky.

Just take the tonic she made for it, just as if she was pregnant. But the Chinese pumpkin is not very hard because her mother-in-law takes care of her very carefully. Sometimes, Hoa was lucky to have a good mother-in-law and loved her like her own son.


Many people do not know how to love her again, thinking that she is like a birth machine in the house, and then advises her to divorce but is considered by the husband's family to be a birth machine. But Hoa thinks guests, because the outsiders don't understand everything. Flowers are also not stupid, if you suffer, there is nothing to endure.

More than anyone else, she understood the pain of her mother-in-law and the husband of the husband died early. Each of her grandmother and her husband leaned on each other, the smoke evaded her longing for so many grandchildren.

Then the more she stays together, the more she realizes that her mother-in-law is really kind and loves her daughter-in-law and loves them. Well then, every house in the present scene she is very happy because there is such a wonderful mother-in-law. People who get brides are married to their mother, Hoa is a bride whose mother-in-law is petty, which is what makes her happiest and happiest.