Being threatened by her husband to return to the place of production, the young wife could not react yet, and her mother-in-law raised her voice to make her dumb

Ngoc and Huy have been married for almost 2 years now. While she is only a provincial girl, Huy is a city boy. Although his house was not too rich, it was enough to live in this crowded land.

So Ngoc agreed to go home with Huy, she had to receive a lot of words coming from everyone around. Which is to marry only because of the household registration book, which is later on the husband's house will be belittled by the country of origin, which is to make the bride-in-law miserable, . But was determined to get the Huy so she ignored all those words.

And indeed, the truth happened exactly the opposite of what people threatened to stomp on Ngoc before going home to her husband. Her parents-in-law are both retired government officials and pleasant and gentle people. Her mother-in-law had never scrutinized or considered the daughter-in-law, not to say it was as harsh as the film. Her father-in-law is as compassionate as a son, he shows off his daughter-in-law all the time, making sure she is with her retirement association.

However, the one who disappointed her the most after getting married was Huy, he was completely different from when he was in love. He no longer spoiled her like he did in the past, but he has made it clear that his unkind personality is lazy, dirty and dependent.

Yesterday after work, Ngoc went to cut her hair so that she could travel with the agency this weekend. Her parents-in-law go to the elderly club in the ward so the family still has each Huy at home. She had texted both Huy and her parents-in-law that she would be late and tell him to eat something out.

Around 9:00 pm, Ngoc came home when she came to her house, no different from a battlefield. Clothes and shoes are thrown everywhere; The cover of food and drinks stretched from the living room to the kitchen, but it was clear that this morning she was late, she had cleaned the house before going to work. So she said in a rather annoyed voice:

- I just finished moving in the morning and now you have turned into a dump like this? Why don't you think about how the cleanup person has to suffer, but why don't you just dump it? Then will this be like this in the future so that your children can follow?

- Why are you saying so much? Where did the husband say one sentence, and the wife said three sentences? She also said that I returned to the production place now.

- Brother.

Ngoc did not finish the sentence, her mother-in-law answered: "I dare. I return my daughter-in-law to the place of production, I also kicked you out of the house. It is me and the Jade that can stand you The other one left him for a long time.

Since today there are more parents-in-law supporting her husband's change so she will be more determined.

The true support of parents in law is extremely important for all brides. Want to keep a good relationship with your parents-in-law remember these things.

Understanding her mother-in-law

Her mother-in-law has poured out her heart and soul to bear heavy pain, hard work, nurturing for over 20 years to bring you a mature and mature husband like today. In other words, if there is no mother-in-law, there is no husband for the mother and son to rely on. So we need to thank my mother-in-law.

In the marriage life later, she will have to see her beloved son, take care of each bit of every bit, now take care of you, so it is inevitable in your heart to have some jealousy. Do not assume that these emotions are abnormal, because later on when you make your mother-in-law will also have that feeling. So stand from the perspective of mother-in-law and sympathy and tolerance.

Always remember that older people like to be interested

The older the older the more the way a child wants to be spoiled by children. They also often feel that they are the burden of their children, but often sulk if their children do not care. They fear being abandoned by their children, afraid of loneliness, etc. Because of that, they are often vulnerable, easy to deduce, even if what you say is not meant to be.

If you don't have a lot of time for your parents-in-law, sometimes calling or texting to visit the health of your parents-in-law can also work well. Soft, gentle and caring about others are the qualities that mothers-in-law require in their daughters-in-law.

More patience

When living in the same roof, it will be difficult to avoid conflicts arising from each other's perceptions and perceptions. If there is a conflict, don't argue, keep your daughter-in-law. Because your child is learning how to treat himself from your own gestures and words every day.

If you want to speak, it is also necessary to speak for understanding and reason, not high position with your mother-in-law in this family. Because religious order in the family is also associated with morality and proper behavior of each person.

Agree with her parents-in-law

If you love your husband, be considerate with your parents-in-law like being with your mother. Anyway, the husband who lives with you is because she carries a heavy weight and nourishes her husband


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