Buying moon cake boxes for giving birth to my parents, my husband knows how to bring them all home, also declared a shock sentence

After 4 years of marriage, I finally begged my husband to live separately, saying that it was private, but in fact we also bought houses near the parents-in-law area. That's why when I finished cooking, I still brought food to my grandparents.

My mother-in-law is very fastidious, which is why I cannot live in the same house with her. So I decided to discuss my husband in private so the relationship between mother and child could be better. To tell the truth, when my husband and I got into a big argument, the reason was that my husband told me that I was a filial daughter-in-law when I didn't want to take care of my parents-in-law. But I have to make it clear that no matter what I do, my mother-in-law will scrutinize so there's no other way. I had to threaten to divorce before my husband gradually swept away.


Then my husband agreed to go separate, but he told me to definitely care about my parents. I also understood that my husband was an only son, so I also took care of my parents-in-law. I felt that being alone and visiting, caring for my grandparents was even closer.

Recently I bought 2 boxes of moon cakes worth nearly 2 million to give to my parents and my parents-in-law. I want to thank my biological parents for bringing my daughter to school for a long time. My mother-in-law, who was busy with my children for my sister-in-law, told me that she would take my son to his mother's home to take care of him and take him to school.

However, I bought it at night and couldn't find it the next day. When I asked my daughter, she told me that Dad took it over to her grandparents. At this point, I angrily called my husband to ask why he brought all the bread to his parents-in-law while I bought two boxes for both my grandmother and my grandmother.

Any doubts that the husband responded soberly:

- 2 boxes are for his parents to eat. I should remember I was a girl who followed my husband. I just need to be filial to my parents-in-law. Do not be too slight is to bring the husband's family home. Not nice.


Hearing my husband say that I was shocked, I did not expect him to be so differentiated from inside to outside. I would rather buy one box to bring it back to my mother 's house, so my husband will scold me, over here I buy 2 boxes to give to my parents and my husband can still say such things. It turned out my husband always considered his family more than his wife and children, than his biological parents. He discriminated against me like that, but also forced me to treat my parents-in-law well.

I really want to divorce, because living like this I really can't stand it. Not because of the pair of moon cakes that led to divorce but the treatment of my husband made me no longer want to live by his side.