Caught mom husband affair with young boys

I made strawberry into a family of wealth, nobles but rarely would there be peaceful, cosy feeling. The couple I married over a year but the husband did not agree to the two out in private.

Father-in-law and my husband took the highest position in a major economic group, how busy work should very rarely be present at home. Into the dark winter feast full of families is a luxury thing. So every day only I and my mother the husband often face each other in adjacent houses five floors. However, I and my mother her husband leave not counted. Say exactly, I always do things to her but can't.

Me and my husband not leave mother computer.

The House has a housekeeper but mother-in-law still I took the job with the kitchen nực reason women need to know the dietary, that particular account of cooking.

That's right after the working hours of a worker in the company, I have to immediately go home to cook dinner for the up. Not a few times after hours crowd you asked to go shopping, or eating them I get busy to repudiation reason. Know the I arrest by difficult mother-in-law or daughter-in-law control, review, they all say: "so I think you're very happy!".

When in a job agency, have to work overtime and late compared with the provisions, as that was my mother-in-law call tortured enough. Would be where to go, what to do without good about rice water, cleaning the House. And when just arrived home, she continues to me to hear the whole tangle theory about how the bride, the wife. That was a married girl to worry about family care will not like that girl also fly freely, despite the justified justifiable from me.

Mother-in-law which my aversion about not really catch with his son and family in appearance that her home. Before the wedding, my mother my husband ever expressed scorn my parents is the "quèn" is also her family back to the city the second-highest. The only point I can be proud of is its beauty. That was what I used to be her husband.

Not only to Italy, stuffing me in the cooking, my mother my husband always had the habit of checking the phone 's daughter-in-law each my husband went away. She even longer for people to tune in to ask who sold the water in front of my body about my relationships with other colleagues. Because she always told me that women is to put more almond on top. Actually my life from going to strawberry always stuffy, sucked anyway not silk velvet as much thought.

Actually my life from going to strawberry always stuffy.

Even when I do good, not complimented mother-in-law retrieved half a word that always comes to the effort. She said that I didn't have to learn somewhere far away, the mother-in-law is the ideal model of a woman that I should take it as a mirror. Each time so I only Yes let.

Computer I don't pry but the truth is she's still virtue mother-in-law often layer up I'm sneaky with a young boy is my husband's father's subordinates. This poor man my mother my husband to tens years, still often accompanied my boss's wife in the affair made her husband's reputation, taking food.

Own eyes I've seen both in a vacation home on the car hitting the alley and in it for hours. Despite more than 50 years but my husband mother nom is still "very phây".

I'm really disappointed about her mother-in-law hypocrisy, who made a perfect cover. I want to scream in her face that she didn't think nothing, why would well up my class? Should I do so? or should I say to my husband fuck adultery ?=