Daughter-in-law 'cold rice'

(Phunutoday)-Her daughter portable Proving that ứa tears. She is proud she is the model of the modern, dynamic women, knowledgeable, insightful. She saw the injuries to women who don't know take care of yourself, don't know the new DIY yourself, don't know the enjoyment of life. But maybe, she is a new person.[links]Every time you meet her old friend or former colleague, Mrs Proving again lament about her daughter-in-law "cold rice". "Oh my God, who has 25 new daughter the life spring green, that always to face, know what is makeup, powder.

To me, sixty years old then, which out to be careful, if not, I see no little confidence ".

Her conception of beauty for themselves, also the beauty for life, make life more rich, lively. The bitch had the ball retrieved what lovely beautiful, they must know the make up it, change it, help new life tedious.

Anyone like her house seal. All five wore some old clothes forever. But that is also a flat-ironing-phiu clean, but old too, looking forever be. Styling the monotony. Pale colors, dark.

The face then starts OK, teh has many wrinkles and then strongly stain human skin, go, to borrow a little son, little chalk that obscures cons go, make a little light up cheeks, smooth a bit.

Where's that person all my life, only use powder there exactly once, he is in his own wedding. Rest, very good course, never saw her daughter-in-law using cosmetics, including in public holidays, events, meetings, or weddings of those younger nephews.

So she has been cooking her daughter-in-law is pale, is boring. Turns out, she was the very calmly, thoughtfully and profound. (Artwork)

It was how much change the hair style, straight to curly, making injection nhuộn yellow to reddish purple tinge, her daughter is still a traditional old style old injector straight black hair, cyclist, got back a corral behind his back. It looks really neat, but that country died.

The other day, see you guys she retired, her old Coalition back to breathe than you are beautiful brain: "She's my daughter, indifferent to her her blade Quynh, Kieu II" she Shines ". She was only a knife for her Reasoning as two wart, wart is still probably hot, rather than my daughter , then the rice is cool. Dry pale to medium to medium.

She, her only Knife for Reasoning with two trees, chances are the tree still leaves, rather than seal my house or tree leaves, dill. At the wind or no wind also almost silent.

She was also the Knife for her Reasoning with fields, so there are also paring, cotton or rice, rather than my daughter, it is true that the field is inert root out. Bored. ".

She then had dreamed of proving the daughter-in-law to have people 's confidence, the same spa, go shopping, or is someone to just work, just gossip, sing. She would tell me the strawberry story in poetry club, in the club dancing that she participated in every evening.

There are a lot of interesting conversation. That she did not have a daughter. His son, the infinite mind, ever since. She also loves to have her daughter-in-law that she could search the latestcostume pattern, commented about the fashion collection this year, and my mother go to select fabrics, to sewing, measure cut cut.

That's what I love. Back to the movies, watching plays, concert again, maybe accompanied her daughter then. Your life now. Women were freed from the House and then, must know take care of themselves.

But her daughter-in-law, she does not know the beauty, take care of yourself, don't know what life enjoyment. Always ru rú indoors. Go on then just a "hi mom". Both gatherings, family fun, excitement, daughter-in-law she also just introspection cooking, washing, don't engage in any story.

Anyone have a story to laugh, smirk, would only be 1/8 smile. Speaking then just running around: "Yes", "Dear", "Yes". Rice water cleanup is finished is a private room closed up Matador. Today would be my husband in the House, the officers were, my husband is away than. She asked where to go also just behave:

"Let me call the taxi for mom", then: "I'm your mother up the room". It's true: "Rice rice again tomorrow afternoon, pulled on only two also Bureau feast". Bored not to where for all. Her daughter, it is true that water rained snail, pale to light anymore.

She also didn't understand a bitch why her period for the decision taken this girl about the wife. She saw the anxiety instead of the daughter-in-law. Pale, his wife the man they quickly bored. Cane back dining no longer one, again as the water snails! Hot rice don't eat rice anymore, someone cool!

Now the boys off the road, where only the noodle soup, but also rice vermicelli, Burma, multi gear ... cent Tuesday temptations, stories. What happens to back gauge. And also to have the true story at home. Disaster falling down the House's surprise, right at her son are on a business trip. He, her husband, being these kids boys green red hair tones hair when he goes into the exercise.

He was seriously injured. She left both the limb loss, as the mind reeling, stupid, doesn't know how to do it. His blood-drenched shirt spread her daughter-in-law. Ms. Minh saw blood is faint. Only the brave, the seal of Shu do first aid, then the median is coral around thanks to everyone who came to help, and then call an ambulance.

While she only cry next to her husband, then a hand seal worry things, would find the doctor, would worry about insurance procedures ... and know how required, procedures of a hospital.

Both she and daughter-in-law along emergency bedside duty, but she cried to blur all eyes, her only daughter to recognize the change of the father-in-law to report promptly to the physician.

When her son come on, mother in hospital care, then seal again run London run due just arrange a home, just bring water into the rice Institute for the worried mother. Her husband's care, but still in the hot broth on the two plastic packed rice.

Can you afford duty in the hospital for months. Her husband is look Intelligent flow of tears, my husband to the point that she, obtuse, don't know what to do anymore. She is the daughter-in-law of "cold rice" hugged her skinny arms in guộc of her, comforting her motivation.

On his discharge, Ms. Minh Hoa stupor looking at Bills near hundred million, has been done. Her home is not that difficult, but where did you get this money by a payment at that hospital fees? She only knew he was using the room for the best service, most medical devices, with the treat of the best doctors.

She asked her son, the son also shook his head didn't know: "The worry for me too, don't think about the money. The times goes paid, his wife, and all ". Until she asked her new daughter-in-law, my answer "Which is money you do more, to spend, when mom".

"You do more when?", Proving her away from today's surprise to other surprises. "Yes, you can do more in the evenings. The written articles for some magazines about family ".

Now you understand why Max would seal also fast fast fast go up, not to play by the membrane. So that she could you blame her resentment not bear away spa, don't go shopping, don't go to listen to music, do not go to the movies with her.

Thanks to the funds do more of the daughter-in-law that her husband recently located the best services of the Institute. Thanks to the funds do more then that she was next to him at his most painful Republic. If not, make sure she and her son have to run London run due lo of money why hospital charges are sitting him that motivate you?

So she has been cooking her daughter-in-law is pale, is boring. Turns out, she was the very calmly, thoughtfully and profound. In this, only to have her daughter calmly handled everything. And then she said she is "old", is "teh".

She was actually very understanding, kind, have the knowledge to know the right things to so. Then she said the simple, rustic Strawberry again. If she was the preferred form of fancy, sure she would be very angry with her.

She did not know acknowledged the good qualities of her, bring conversation indoors out cry every where. So that she is not angry, not resentment, she still love you guys and the care she wholeheartedly.

Her daughter portable Proving that ứa tears. She is proud she is the model of the modern, dynamic women, knowledgeable, insightful. She saw the injuries to women who don't know take care of yourself, don't know the new DIY yourself, don't know the enjoyment of life. But maybe, she is a new person.

Pity it does not know the real value of each precious loved ones around her. From now on, maybe she should change the perspective on how to judge a man. She remembers that, every man is a book, which cannot be assessed on the value of the book that only through the cover.  =