Divorce because you can't live with an old mother-in-law

I married my husband in Central Vietnam for a year and a half and had a 7-month-old boy. My husband always takes care of his mother, never stands in the middle or thinks for his wife. On the wedding day, everyone wanted to take a picture with me, she did not let me go back to the wedding platform to take a picture because of abstaining from the second wedding platform. On the first New Year, I went to my husband's house, I was sick, I made 4 offerings from 30 to 2 days. I was so tired that my arms and legs were trembling but my mother-in-law made me carry 2 trays full of donations and other places, I did not give My husband takes care of himself instead of having a daughter-in-law. In 6 months at her husband's home, she often fell into a depressed state because her husband was working far away, he was busy, noon break, at night, the baby was sick, the wound was painful, and it was a little late when the mother-in-law cried. say this.


After one month of delivery, the incision was still painful, but I just looked after my child, washed, cooked, minced vegetables, cleaned, watered vegetables . because I was afraid that my mother-in-law would say to eat (though my husband gave me money month for her to buy food). Her views are very odd that she has never met or heard, although her home is only 4km away from her husband's house. Because I have many hot and straight times, I do not agree with her, my husband is a dry, lame, patriarchal, the Tet holidays never say anything for gifts.

In the hamlet, there is a neighbor holding a birthday for their baby, her mother-in-law and husband and wife let their children go to the house to celebrate their birthday. While everyone was laughing with each other, I joked a sentence to laugh: "This is my birthday, I have to go to the yard" because the house is large, my room is small, there are 15m2, the children in the hamlet are crowded. When the party returned to the room, her mother-in-law and husband turned to tell me that it was wrong, not to say so, not to say it first. I asked if my mother-in-law is a joke, what's wrong with my mother-in-law, her mother-in-law instructed me to say, "Don't say it like that". I was upset, saying that my mother's point of view was different, unlike me, that she and her husband did not get along well before, but I never said anything at this time.

I was really stuck when I lived in this scene. Not one person shared, no one asked to encourage, sometimes I wanted to let go. I do not dare to tell my parents because of the gentle nature of my mother in the countryside. Saying it is afraid that parents are sad. Looking at the innocent little child, I think about it, I think about the prospect that I don't have a father to take care of me, and tears come down. But what comes will have to come. With a decent salary in Hanoi, I believe that I can raise a child alone. If my mother-in-law and husband don't change, I will choose to leave.