Do not want to conflict with her mother-in-law, the bride must do these 4 things

Actively do housework

Many brides choose to stop working at housewives, but do not speak, but for brides who go to work, they must take the initiative to do housework. Do not see her mother-in-law helping her and her husband, and everything makes her do it all. When you go back to work and find your mother-in-law cooking, please gently say: "Mom is hard at home all day, I take a break to let you do it for me." cool


But many brides now go on asking not to live with their mother-in-law, but they themselves are not suitable. Working back, I was watching the phone, the house was not cleaned, the rice was not cooked to rely on my mother-in-law. So how can my mother-in-law hate it? My mother-in-law, but not a wife, is treated like that by the bride? So the bride must definitely remember this.

Intelligence in how to teach children

Mother-in-law as a grandmother is always committed to her grandchildren. Many brides teach children not knowing what they mean, in front of their mother-in-law, they just scold the lemongrass and tell them: My mother is too spoiled, my children let me teach. engraved with daughter-in-law only.

Be wise, teach me to be gentle, confide your kindness with me. When you teach your children smartly, your mother-in-law will be satisfied and won't complain about you anymore.

Care for loving and caring husband

Many bride-in-law kept making her husband's masseur and squeeze her in front of her mother-in-law. Don't prove it again, your mother-in-law will pity her son and hate it more when her son is abused by his daughter-in-law. You want your masseur to love, but it doesn't work too much, it's best for a couple to enter a private room and want to show affection like any. In front of your mother-in-law, you should just be smart and care about loving your husband.


Seeing a daughter-in-law love her son, no mother-in-law can ever hate her daughter-in-law.

Confide, invite her mother-in-law to go out more

The mother-in-law and mother-in-law like water with fire are due to her daughter-in-law not knowing how to take heart and expressing her mother-in-law's concern more. You are a daughter-in-law, you must show your mother-in-law how you respect and love you. Instead of spending time talking badly about her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, the best way is to invite her mother-in-law to travel, go shopping . to get closer to her mother-in-law. At that time, she certainly loved you more than the baby.