Forever married to her husband but met her mother-in-law like this, her daughter-in-law died badly

She is nearly 30 years old this year, not young at all. Many people say that she will choose not to get married forever. Well, she is picky, because she is gentle, good at anyone who is inferior. Finding a husband also has to be with a good match, smart enough for her to trust and rely on later.

But then when in love, when she got married, she realized that getting married is not as simple as I thought. When I first fell in love, I thought that if I just fell in love with each other, some rivers and streams would wade out. Everything was completely different until the marriage.

Only by love, how many people stand outside even though they are married. Married then, to live with his mother-in-law, the tragedy of a daughter-in-law now began.


At 30, she was not young so she decided to follow her husband to the palace. Because she is also old, has experience in life and how to deal with her future mother-in-law, she has learned how to deal fully.

Yet when she returned to her husband's house, she realized that there was nothing according to its rules, especially her mother-in-law. When precious, wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly. When I first fell in love, I warmly welcomed and welcomed my grandchildren. But until the day she became the daughter-in-law of her mother-in-law, the obsession now began to appear.

But that was only the first day his boyfriend brought him out. The second time her boyfriend took her home, she felt closer to her boyfriend's family than at that time, she took the initiative to help her boyfriend's mother to do housework. Hard to clean, sweep and yet the future mother-in-law kept turning around to look. The feeling of her future mother-in-law was like a man who was obsessed with cleanliness or obsessive about it when her mother-in-law took a tissue over and over again to check the pure white glass to check for dirt.

The next time she came to the family, her family was even more scared when normally she still had the habit of putting clothes in the extra washing machine for her mother-in-law. However, the washing machine is just like that, but there's no other way. Taking it to the drying place, the mother-in-law took each of them to examine and then threw them back into the washing basin and left a sentence:

-This is not clean, son, Tuan's clothes, you have to wash your hands to clean them.

- Yes, I will pay more attention.

Just arrived at the house of the future husband, he brought him to launch for a few days but her feeling was too tired. If you want to be a bride then you can bear it.


Perhaps the most shocking thing was the fact that she and her mother-in-law went to the market. Buy things, then arrange the mother-in-law to buy a chicken to buy a whole child because the whole family also has up to 5 adults including her. The mother-in-law immediately said:

-Please chop the chicken, uncle.

A spoiled home has never done that. Looking at a whole chicken made her pale. Even so, she still tries to secure the chicken disc for her future mother-in-law. Her efforts were eventually met with a cold sentence:

-So, you have to fold it up to know it. If you don't cut your plate so messy like this, then you will eat something clumsy then who knows. - she gasped in surprise at that statement from her boyfriend's mother.

Although nearly 30 years old but now looking at this scene she is also afraid to get married. About being a daughter-in-law of a mother-in-law like this, the future daughter-in-law is afraid of losing her honey. I was just about to get married, but when I met this mother-in-law, what should my daughter-in-law do?