Happy to marry my husband of 5 million still being criticized by my husband's husband, my daughter-in-law did one thing to make her mother-in-law mute

The wedding of my brother-in-law and the wedding of the famous stars, and how much wealthy the Russian husband's house is. It is the way to follow the race of alcohol daughters so parents also try to borrow for their children to cool their faces with friends. It is determined that after this group is a big hole, I don't expect any profit.

As the strawberry captain, she had to stand out with her parents, well, it was her responsibility, so she was happy to help her grandparents or anything but it was hard, the young economic family was not Anything else, then Ku is about to be born, so you're very secretive.

While her parents-in-law kept thinking that the couple married half a year ago, they had money left over, she expressed the opinion that the money was dowry and that her future business was not related to having to stand out. get married for my brother-in-law. That's why she became a girl in everyone's eyes.


Near to the day of receiving the bride, her mother-in-law is famous as the bride-in-law, so she must know how happy it is for me to get married and help me feel bad. She smiled and smiled: "Maybe my husband and I are like you giving the youngest 1 only". Hearing this, her mother-in-law was long:

- The whole family gets married to each of her younger siblings, and gives her a gold, the property in this house sooner or later belongs to her family. If her husband gets married like a bowl of water, then there is no door for painting. .

She heard so silently without saying more, but she felt extremely uncomfortable inside; The husband knew that night to encourage his wife not to be too concerned about her mother's words. More than anyone else, he understands that he has suffered a great loss to his wife and does not think his family is so cruel.

He winked to tell his wife: How much is it to give it. She nodded but how could that be, his face if people kept saying it. In the end, there was a decision to celebrate 5 million wedding, calculated to be more than 1 gold and not too small.

The wedding was finally finished, the bride's family lost nearly 50 million but her husband and wife were silent because they figured out the amount of money to celebrate the wedding, the money helped their parents-in-law to buy things that were also in the tens of millions. She believed her mother-in-law knew that but she ignored it.

The next day, the couple returned to their faces, making it easy to meet up with some close relatives to thank. She thought that she had escaped the accident, and whoever suspected she could not quit the clutches of her husband's relatives.

They insinuated because she brought her sister-in-law's voice only to be able to give her husband 5 million, she was able to laugh and her mother-in-law kept sighing:

- Well, how can we do it, lady? My family is sure they won't be able to help them after that.

- Why are you saying so harshly? He raised his voice and she silently entered the room to bring out a notebook

- I am so ashamed, people have brothers and sisters who love the golden tree and have not seen it yet, and the gambler is so happy .

- What do you mean by the youngest girl? She told me exactly who her friend's name was and how much she was happy to see. She seriously asked, making her speechless.

- Yes, my parents and my uncles, everyone just keeps blaming my wife and children for celebrating that you have less than 5 million silver. My new home was married half a year ago, the youngest girl was working a long time ago and the salary was twice as much as the salary of the two children combined. So she gave her sister-in-law a half gold only 1750 thousand.

And yet, my parents-in-law gave me 3 for a total of only 2 trees when my youngest child was full, my husband is the eldest child, my daughter-in-law is not worthy of fair treatment.


Still not over yet, in addition to the money, we were also happy to help our parents take care of the wedding for the youngest girl, which was more than ten million but the couple did not speak up to tell the public. Because that is part of the responsibility - partly because I love you to get married but not much for the economy. Fins that people still criticize less?

The problem of weddings is very delicate, I do not want to pull out for surgery, but people keep saying that I repeat them many times and I would like to read the list of you guys who are happy to marry us. All people are 200, 500 thousand. They were so happy, so ladies and gentlemen, did you see it?

Since she finished speaking, no one dared to speak up. Because she said so correctly, her mother-in-law secretly sighed and wandered over to something else. She knew that her daughter-in-law was not stupid but very brave, but she knew that, so she had to endure 9 good things, and later she had to ask her, she had to change her attitude.