Her know eating but ... do not know cooking

Currency (age 27-Office staff) is an incredibly bad girl in the cooking. For another thing, the right touch cooking then y as corrupt. Once home, enough food, the mother told her husband Collect bamboo shoots soup cooking. Currency a little scoop eagerly out the soup bowl, taste, see pale, she cut the salt package, the more unexpected but is too hand, soup becomes salty.

Tangerine, stalks steep Revenue both posters of boiling water into the pot. The result, liquid soup pot bõng water, salty that not clear pale is also not true.

Though very busy with work but after marriage, arranged to go to cooking school. However, finished school and then forgot because the Currency had little opportunity to practice. The couple have Collect crap personell economic rent, sometimes all week, new Revenue into the kitchen once (only duty is to wash vegetables or plug rice cooker helps osin). Today, the maid of home is the couple back to snake Dragon grandparents ate. "Thus, the kitchen nực with himself for fumble Russian slang"-Currency honestly said.

Each home is once Currency stressed. Mother-in-law stories teach the few times that she still gone, the closer in to nem wrist, small as thumb or knife grip story, not to be dragged through the potato would have severed the hand takes place as the rice packed. To the point, given the breeze with neighbors daughter was the mother of my husband from consuming laughed: "Well good but slightly awkward".

"Also good but slightly awkward".

Only because of injuries.

Maiden, mother of injured children to study hard and not to active girl nails into any home to when her husband home. Should Ming (age 24, sales staff, District 7), there is little "rigged back capital" women talk the country districts. Mother-in-law also understand cphoto the Strawberry city high school back home understand the extension should not to she struggled. But you, o Christ, cook dinner, thanks to the United picked up bunch of spinach to boil that she also didn't know the stupid should keep part, remove the part to finally only vegetable basket, dai nhách!

As well as flowers, Quynh (age 25, accounting) is also a "hard to help". Though the daughter home, up the Inn and get married in Saigon city but she didn't have a bit of knowledge. The first day I nearly bit cooking both had to go hungry because the fish pot black red for infamous infamous warehouse don't know why fire soup for medium, fortunately, her quick-witted husband mother fried some eggs into the clearing.

In addition to her spoil or there parents do help as United and Quynh there her not know cooking because ... lazy and that know cooking is not necessary. According to them, if they will get married later hired a housekeeper or supermarket to buy processed food is being cooked for working, take time and downtime. Or was this Cook, then buy the book about and follow the recipe is done.

HA, 26 years old, said: "why not take time for cooking during that time I can dedicate to beauty treatments or do other things more useful. Later get married, I will pay high real wages to hire a maid know cooking really delicious. Like every day the whole family are serving full meals, like eating something, are homemade. Ate, also clear from A to z. Or otherwise out of supermarkets there are many food processing available, convenient, just shop home is assured display up the dinner table ".

To do me ...

Ms. Le Thi (Dong da, Hanoi) confided. Thought you married who doubt burden lighter is finished it goes get married a day is a day she had to change it. Every time my daughter wanted to go home or go back to call thanks to her mother-in-law households asking for permission. At first the parents also sympathize but then gradually she asked households also cannot be accepted. More bad housewife story makes her daughter take the point completely in her husband's home.

But her daughter does not know this page has no pole, she nodded to please in-laws for the couple to live it out. He did not have the condition worry about her spouse back home, click loan help your stomach to buy apartments. Thought out life and then apologized, who suspected her of remain heavy debt.

Each House to see his nephews on cold food purchased in supermarkets, plus word of his son-in-law because laments the regularly played the scene every rice porridge, she must again and again what the kitchen nực to the daughter. Then she go at doing whichever cooking brings to market the home for children, at any bones ache, she cooked and then calling the work of mustard on that. Every occasion holidays it home my husband, she replaced the shopping to do. This time she realised her mistake.

Making the House stunned boyfriend because cooking ... sucks

(Age 25, Hanoi) new salmon love, when your boyfriend ask know cooking does not, for fear you boys cooking so she lied there, silently told myself later near his wedding will learn cooking for sure will catch up. Miss lie like so Happy always seek to avoid coming home boyfriend cooking.

But "running sky from the Sun", on the occasion of the mother of the boyfriend's birthday, she was invited to the family home. Know I can hide and be Happy that Lynn should accept.

Hanh became awkward in the eyes of the bride mother-in-law only in cooking I don't know. (Artwork)

In the kitchen, mother lover just to cart vegetables in the kitchen corner and said Happy out picked up. Almond obediently follow. While vegetable, mother to pick up her boyfriend, she said with her voice full of confidence: "this doctor basella Vegetables bought fresh?", prompting consternation because people love mother unexpectedly even amaranth and spinach basella, which she also does not differentiate. However, she did not say anything because the thought might be wrong?

However, she then continued to cause she was "shocked" when she thanks she fried vegetables in pot wedge at running upstairs have little work. By when she ran down, sample then Oh how salty the chat. And delivered to you in order to fire black rolls, fried, fried ...

When eating, both houses face but all must try to swallow. That day, not just the mother's boyfriend is not happy that even your boyfriend also feel ashamed of her. When she's on, she looked upon that shook his head sighs.

The next day he met her lover and says: "my mom doesn't like me because I cook too. You make me so disappointed. I don't think I cook so bad ".

Almond tart mercy recounts: "I still think cooking is not important. But when cooking at home my boyfriend realized I think things completely wrong. It does not know anything about cooking, so I was looking at his mother with the eyes lack of sympathy ".

Men always like women know cooking

Most men are very attention to cooking capability of your partner whether the society has grown to much. Maybe today it's not the most important factor when choosing a wife, but with the wings you antennae, they still love their wives know cooking. Even the women who love proved unwieldy in that matter then don't treat that subjective story cooking.

Maple Bank staff share: "I like these girls know cooking by them for I feel that would be a good wife. Though she is not a chef, but the women know cooking also help for homes become more well warmed. Sometimes if there are friends to the House, also may proud wife rather than have her husband back to the kitchen or food outside the row about the abuse you. "

Hung, aged 34, said: "a wife or girlfriend that even to a simple dishes also do not know how he is responsible for the real thing. Sometimes just because they know that cooking khộng/husband who loved their new coffee restaurants in la to with friends after hours don't bear at home to help his wife, stupid. Good thing my wife cooking pretty well now, should be done just wanted to be home with his wife and child. Occasionally new husband eat out to to the wind rather than I still love my wife more than Cook rice ".=