His mother strongly objected to because I have a husband and a Police General says

We love each other from when I was last year, she did have a steady job. You should stay away from home because I have no opportunity to many because busy learning and work.

Love each other more than two years, he told his parents about me. While not yet meet times would but I also repeatedly called the phone asking parents health, occasionally on occasions, Tet, I also posted about the gift. His mother seems to have sympathy with me, there are times you from on the House down, his mother also sent fruit to me. I feel so excited, regarded as the first step to success.

To third year in love, he decided to take me on. I also only few months is the way you want, talk to our marriage. From the first home, to say he worries me to how you told me not to fear, parents Hien Lam. I prepare the fruit cake, any left to do presents early meeting.

Meet the parents, 2 very fun, easy to close, maybe the honest country, nature craft should be easy to calculate. I'm a pretty agile, nimble, housework I'm also relatively sure are. The premiere took place quite smoothly, it's because I'm so self assessment.

His mother told police her husband General I (artwork)

But then some day, I see other British attitude, it seems are disturbing. Instincts have something wrong, I gặng question. At first he refused, later I pressed too, he said. He said, his mother objected not to marry because I have the high cheeks, that is the general observation.

He said, he advised the mother forever, credit should not be too into it, but his mother is living in the countryside, the things in her husband and wife talk proofing diets are very important. See me sad, you motivate me should not worry, he will try to convince her.

But today it has more than 4 months, only 1 more month I graduated. According to the original plan, only to wait me out of school is married, but still you have to do this. I like people who sit on the fire, missed his mother won't change your mind then I know what to do. I'm worried, don't know should ask you don't, and if really hard, then I have to do to parents accept me?=