I 'Autism' because of her addiction to film

(MissNews)-no mother-in-law health support that's wrong but she do more strenuous, daughter grandchildren born disabled as bad., chong, nghien movies, tu ki ...

Lan has a mother my husband has đoảng and copper ball. She doesn't know what to do but again or review. The mother-in-law has brought in extra help that she was tired of the same over. Her husband's family also belongs there of food to mother-in-law should only work with play. She is famous in the neighborhood in his hometown of her husband about the play.

More than 50 years that the more sober clothing daughter-in-law. She nails painted red green twigs leaves flowers. To the of wearing her house longer than modern bride, all 2-wire, short shorts. She said cool and comfortable to wear.

Up in the capital with her son under the name is looks me help my spouse that she is fashion. She's too comfortable in the capital should keep the white fat, more profit so no longer wants to go home again.

The basis is her home sickness Spread of leading dẹo too so although near-age class still does not give away the secret should be too young to her help. Her grandmother is also busy working again take him ill to stay home should also not in the long term. Osin then hired five people still are three packed back then started to go away. The number she provided no servant should hard way osin.

But from there on in with her mother-in-law more strenuous. Previously she just weeks away, supermarket and jet lag from a cross on the market to buy more stuff. But now her husband complaining mother is not for her to eat frozen and "rancid" at the supermarket. With her fresh meat, fish and shrimp only operating in the new early morning new markets.

That is almost every morning for 6 hours, you are all describing markets to buy fresh food for both her and I at home. Go back to hụi fo Lan markets prepared and then cook the porridge pot for my newly finished all launch description to the Agency. Week 5 days to 3 days also spread to organs of late, are personnel constantly reminded.

What she told roommates colleagues how to format, so she cooked porridge for my well being. But the grief and agony, she tried to Mrs. Cook. She cooked porridge, she was hard to talk to her. Once she while cooking the vegetables warm times tough. In General she is cooking her food is not featured, mercy you should just have to roll into the new rest kitchen work.

The morning of her afternoon burial, well not quite. On the afternoon that she hurried back with rice water. Mother-in-law at this busy also goes with her exercise zone in the flower garden should all home delivery of both for you. She said all day to take you, the evening is not active. Much of the afternoon working on looking at field two Granny leave from the pot in pot Bowl chopsticks, toys from noon in the kitchen to the living room where she felt exhausted.

Photo : I 'Autism' because of her addiction to film

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Mother-in-law Lan also addicted to heavy film. She watched the movie despite the South Korean movie channels, from film to film, India. That is also the reason she determined to go exercise in the afternoon at 5 and a half since 8 pm have to watch Indian tv film a thousand episodes bride to be 8 years old. Suffering the most is she watching movies, I also glued to the television.

While you age range in the said grabbing my daughter, then squinting she calls her parents still unclear. You have to go visit the doctor said the girl should be slow to speak and the television is one of the main causes. Daughter-in-law also doesn't know what to do with addiction disease movie of the mother-in-law.

Plus, she's not active limbs though but very difficult. Daughter-in-law of cooking simply be mother-in-law reminds straight: "I to you both on that for eating like this?". Sometimes dinner into the "nightmare" of daughter-in-law when just looking, just to "dance" in the kitchen for at least 3-4 dishes to mother-in-law not cooking.

Tired but still have to quit because she didn't have her then she only has water breaks do you look at home. Her allergic mechanism should just 2 weeks back an ill, out of the three days, sick 1 week. Her almost exhaustion take the sick, to the point of being debilitating body. Lam when tired, she sighs with her husband but also useless because men stars understand the hard stuff "bullshit" and "naturally" by the woman.