Just because the first, his mother brought out the book view years

(MissNews)-I shock when it was about to debut, his mother brought out the window watching age., see Anna Marie, tu vi, Christina, hon gaming, women Report today, showbiz, social life.

Love each other more than 2 years, I confess I'm Home I play. I'm just glad just worry, excited because this will be the milestone marks a new step for our relationship. But I also worried because my mom heard quite carefully, do not miss the Italian medium medical doctor then takes the heavy point.

His house in suburban Hanoi, spacious 3-storey house, behind the beautiful orchards. Garden House is spacious, airy, to the place that I liked. I'm mesmerized enjoy as c, then saw his England hopes.

I followed him into the House, away from the stress I have to say, my mother told me to sit down, pouring water for me and then I ransacked. Doctor told me to feel free to, does not have to fear nothing, can anyone do me that I must stress here. My mother told me to sit, wait and your doctor a little.

I did not understand what was then found his mother brought out a thick book, to put on the table drinking water. Curious, I'd read the eyes, like books about astrology.

I am surprised, this is how I know. People love to sit next to see so help me reply "true mother is, how My mind was, this is just her mother's new memory". His mother laughed and said: "your doctor is watching carefully, not age, is not destiny".

Honest, I like being a wet rice cold water in the face, I don't foresee myself again plunged into this right the first time about the launch. As parents do this delicate little, in the absence of my help.

His mother didn't seem to mind the face colors are going for fear and surprise. Your doctor read intently, occasionally still say the words "Age well, but destiny seems unorthodox...".

Photo : Just because the first, his mother brought out the book view years

Just because the first, his mother brought out the book view years His mother is the very credit (artwork)

Spin, wait rejected the book down and he brought in the toilet to help run a slice. At the door to get out, and then see the mother you talking 2. Mother's voice clearly "this charm reasonably Old, but do eat, unorthodox, married about then take loc do eat baby...". I heard that ứa, tears in disappointed to 9 parts. Before you go home, listen to me, I know a girl who is pretty generic, but I don't think to this level.

I'm in your House to the PM about, you know I'm sad he consoled: "don't you worry, parents say that's it, you're also not opposed, if anything, he will tackle". Though he says so, but I see the insecurities, naturally saw back down and depressed.

I don't know how this story will settle, but for someone like my mother, be sure your doctor is very important what the age, fate. I worry, missed where later married on, you do not, your mother will have the excuse that yelled at my asshole, nhiếc the like that could guarantee lasting happiness does not. I just hurt you, between 2 water line, which tilt the party would also awkward.