Love and distance

(Phunutoday)-when in proximity, affection between the two sides will become increasingly forge? And conversely, when in-laws too far, love affairs between the two sides has so hampered?


Through suicide wall

Has the usual, retirement Association in quarter 4 daily meetings regularly twice a day at the start of ice tea capacitors xôm lane. Most people are retiring, relatively more free time, so there's no reason they can't founded the Association "eight" to put together just gossip just chance san sharing help each other ...

Who are these people in the lane House, who do, how personality. .. everyone knows in the Palm of the hand. People joked together: spouses can not see day fine, but "she eight" a day does not meet is poopy unbearable.

The story idea as the quirky daily has meant these people where it becomes close and intimate in a special way.

The United States and Her story Chieu, the two women together is a positive member of the foul "eight" quarter 4 temporarily became the parents of each other doesn't make everyone amazed. The two houses next to each other, she has many interests should become intimate.

Yeah, the geographical distance is really not important, important is always the feelings towards each other. (Artwork)

Where she also has another, all daily work also together san. Afternoon home alone, she also regularly "donate rice rice blows".

Dear, unknown circumstances, the two become positive for her two children, hope their children close, and her affection between the two sides will also so that more and better.

The process of preparing the wedding for the two children that she was still two more eager groom. Two she mouthed before the month is going on view, the table of the location element, and then together go select map for you, take the garment for all ...

Retirement Association each lend a hand as just gossip makes the atmosphere very friendly and cozy. Ms. Flowers feel so satisfied. Which she has only himself, when his daughter jewel is to get married at any age she also wing soup the joy like other mothers:

Don't know your daughter get a good husband? My husband's family for the good? Whether she can to visit in-laws often? ... Now my daughter get married right next to the House, through which are strangers, she has nothing to worry about anymore.

After the wedding, of course the relationship between the two she becomes more special. However, because of the distance between the two was too close and too clearly understand each other's circumstances whether or not the two families avoid those problems bad cry bad jokes.

The first is the jewel, her daughter very childish personality Blossoms, are pampering parents should even getting past her husband's anger, she quit right about their native home. Sometimes just because the stories are so small that she quit on his native home for days.

At first she Chieu also is normal, but after seeing the jewel now getting past tomorrow, which she too doesn't Flower admonished the then always cheer the left makes you very angry.

Also strange, when not even hear her through the United States tells the computer how her daughter Lady, Mrs. Chieu also tells about you dude doesn't know what to do. No one secret about the downside of the child, but both saw off strange then itself: "the children all now."

So that now, when the children become strawberry, brother-in-law, her flowers and she felt the proceeding could not withstand the personality of the child. Which is weird, when not yet is, her indifferent is that, after becoming parents, two she temporarily to Italy each li each second.

BA Chieu feel after having his daughter-in-law suddenly becomes more hectic because of the rice water to worry about, the move served the couple baby son while she seemed more disengaged Flowers should feel not be fun.

When Ms. Flowers has a new coat, how she Chieu also must be a lucky loser from poor sister. See the House she go Chiểu eat restaurant that does not invite her, how she is getting past the anger also said Flowers cool features these days.

Previously, when what she Chieu also consult reference of Ms. flowers, Ms. Flowers also become accustomed to army engineers in making the decision of her family, so that she was now Proceeding Chieu saw extremely upset by what Ms. Flowers also hand in their direction.

The unspeakable suffering that, in her home, from small talk to Chieu great conversation, Ms. Flowers all know should now have hide she what also can not be ... The two began to think again about his rush decisions, watch out through too close is not the solution.

But the closer

Few today his family Took her Hai sad as there are hordes. The air in the House always gloomy and heavy, the members each a corner, no one sad to say with one sentence.

He dropped the habit Took chess and reading the newspapers, just sit-out to snatch the other cigarette cigarette, Ms. Hai is not sad or hammer away healthy exercise market, she is just a seat facing the wall, face the usual sigh again, moments, moments.

Only suffering for Ocean, red eyes ậng because of crying, impatiently out back in, don't know what to do. Ocean cannot doubt her parents back such intense reaction when she questions herself wanted to get married in a central province is 400.

Ms. Hai could not believe her daughter, wine that you run out of ink pet can go get married in one of the provinces that followed she thinks "fit countryside just far away".

Ocean lovely medium Sage wisdom back, there should be no less boys pursue, so that no one made of her, and then finally get behind the one she led Central boys win-the introduction is your boyfriend, and claims to want to do weddings in years.

Did so, Yang also announced after the wedding will transfer about Central work by Win was the one to live with parents, the family made arrangements for her to Win a steady job.

BA Hai the definitive pieces such as the intestines, the daughter from the baby until now have never lived away from her parents to 1 week, so that she now married a 400, others would lose. So off he back off threatened to go back to select the recommendation but the Ocean remains unchanged.

Days Ocean, she clearly lean pale sad not eating, said such that. She also claimed, if a parent is not to get the win, she will stay so for life.

See the Ocean as such, Ms. Hai worried, she said, but very gentle wisdom properties but also very steadfast, if what she thought was right, she will do to the end: "the sky is not subject to the land, the land must bear the Sun so".

He Took her final Navy officers also, right down to the country to agree to meet to discuss the wedding information. Agree but she still warm memories, because the Navy "was the population of his hometown, and demanding that the city take", was so she would find a way to harass them found inferior to that retreat.

The first meeting, she personally selected Navy costumes for the whole family, both her two beautiful clothes and luxury, she spent half a day away makeup and do the hair, ensuring that parents see how well stunned lose confidence, it will be the initial blow.

Look at all the luxury family entered the restaurant leads people to look at the last year makes you a very satisfying Navy. Sitting in his appearance with self, family, parents appear did not makes you out suprised.

Parents but not too formal dress but also very polite, his future son-in-law and an black vest looks so elegant, parents but only light but looks very synoptic climate and salty.

After a little surprised and curious, she tẽn Hai part retains the familiar cold face, she calmly signal brought the food out. Today she will call all the European food, must eat with forks, to see the country level will be like.

Except his son-in-law know use forks, looking through her embarrassing, huh, he finds her Navy just compliment the tasty dishes just glanced through the horizon khỉnh looks makes parents feel very uncomfortable. She continues: Navy

"Oh, I forgot you don't know is not used to eat European food, pity, this delicious dish is just as good for your health, let me call you another dish so".

During the meeting, Ms. Hai has always been cold, snotty, out cry about origins, family status she voiced hinted decry the poverty and backwardness of the Central land although his daughter but she still signal hand khua pretend not to know.

Parents look at Ms. Hai expressed the discomfort, but in the ranks of fatherhood motherhood, who calmly said she tried to hold their patience for days. Next is to sew the prepared wedding, the parents must ever Customs with her miserable phen to meet most of the requirements "seedy".

Know son far from Sea, but she did not agree to discuss the wedding over the phone, she find ways through direct walks do not know how many times. She also brought out a series of demands such as: a must for the daughter of home visits at least once a month, to buy something, what shopping, cook something for me. ...

In contrast to the anxiety of parents, the Ocean do strawberries feel extremely comfortable. The family stone fabrication yard inherent Win exports, strong economy, parents Prevailed considered Ocean as his daughter, please give her a steady job and created all conditions for her to feel as comfortable as at home.

Win cars should be bringing the Ocean to visit home was just small talk. Every family has great stories, mom and dad always Wins is the person who first appeared to the same through san.

See the Ocean through parents make to help your bride, visit your family frequently very thoughtful that feel very regretful about his earlier manners.

Yeah, the geographical distance is really not important, important is always the feelings towards each other.  =