Married for 3 years without a child, the mother-in-law forced a new wife to marry her husband, but once the ex-wife sneaked home ...

- After 3 years of not giving birth, I will be slaughtered from my home. It is true that the poisonous tree is not left, the poisonous girl has no children. This house is unfortunate to have a daughter-in-law like you.

- Mom, I know I can't let it be my fault, but don't you force me to leave my husband? I love him very much.

- I have to leave this house, this house needs me, not daughter-in-law. I will get a new wife for my son!

Being chased away by Hang's mother-in-law, she is extremely regretful. Thắng begged his mother to give his wife the opportunity to return, but she definitely did not agree. Being forced by his mother, he did not want to be a filial son, Thang accepted that condition even though he still loved Hang very much.


The day the husband took a new wife, Hang looked outside and her heart was broken to pieces. She had to see her husband happy with someone else, even though they still loved each other. Why her mother-in-law did not understand for her, she was very thirsty, but she did not want to give birth. Yet she poured all the blame on her head, thinking that she was wrong like that?

Although her husband had a new friend, Hang could not forget Thang. Every night she stood at the beginning of the alley waiting for him to come home from work, Hang did not dare to call, she only dared to look, look a little bit. She was afraid to see her mother-in-law, she would make um. And then one day, she saw a colleague bring her husband in a state of intoxication. Hurry out to help her husband into the house, Hang ventured to meet his new wife and husband's mother-in-law, but fortunately the two were away.

- Hang, stay with me tonight. I miss you so much.

- I . I .

Unable to control the heart and insistence of her husband Hang nodded and slept with her husband that night and then rushed home early in the morning to find out. Bang for a while, 9 months later Hang's mother called Thang.

- You went to the hospital, the Hang child is giving birth there. The baby is your child.

- What did I say, my son? Hang live?

- That's right, you come. I am looking forward to you.

Rushing to the hospital with his ex-wife, Thang was both happy and bewildered, not knowing how the infertile wife would suddenly give birth to this child? But if he is your child, both of you have been separated for a long time. As soon as he was admitted to the hospital, the nurse carried the crimson baby to Thang. Oh my God, the boy is the same as him, like his childhood is like casting. Thắng was crying and happy to call his mother.

- Mom, Hang is able to give birth. She just gave birth to the same baby, go to the hospital. I'm so happy, mom.

- Can Hang give birth?


The mother-in-law rushed to the hospital, just seeing the boy like Thang, she was happy to shed tears and hugged her child to thank the heavens and the earth because her family was not great. Holding the hand of her former daughter-in-law, she was small.

- Go home with mom. I'm sorry .

- But Mr. Thắng has a new wife, Mom?

- It does not live with that girl, let me ask her if she can stay, then divorce. For a mother who can deliver, she is a good daughter-in-law.

Hang shed tears of joy and worry after her mother-in-law's words, she was naturally the one who interrupted the happiness of others. But never did she not stop thinking about her husband's house, she wanted to stay with Thang, want to take care of him every day if it was wrong at this time?