Mother-in-law took care of her grandchildren, every month, she donated 8 million VND to her daughter-in-law, who lived without knowing things and exploited her strength

Ngan and Phuc got married after 3 years of research. On the day of their wedding, no one dared to believe that the young lady with gold leaf and jade like Ngan went to marry a poor guy of Phuc.

While Ngan has wealthy parents, Phuc's family only lives in raising pigs and farming. However, Ngan still chose to marry Phuc because she knew he was rich in will, surely he would be rich in the future. On the other hand, Phuc is a model, not a girl, with women just needing such a husband is enough.

After more than 2 years, Ngan and his wife finally bought a house, and Ngan and his wife gave the couple a car to travel for convenience. Each month, 30 million VND is enough to spend every month. Talking about the responsibility of being a bride, Ngan was very filial with her parents-in-law, every month she sent her mother-in-law 3 million to buy whatever she liked.


The relationship between mother-in-law and Ngan's daughter-in-law is extremely good, but then everything has changed since Ngan gave birth. Because her parents were busy with her business, she could not take care of her grandchildren, she decided to ask her mother-in-law but thought that her mother-in-law had to take care of her husband and also had to raise pigs and chickens, so she did not have time. So she decided to rent a cell, she had 3 million months but she was also stronger.

But if I rented the car for a month, my mother-in-law told me to take care of my grandson. At that time, Ngan was very happy. After all, I hired an umbrella because there was no other way for Ngan to do so, but it would be good if I could take care of my mother-in-law.

The mother-in-law took care of her grandson, who cared for her all the time, often buying good food and buying nice clothes for her. Such ideas, the more close the mother and mother, would expect the mother-in-law to have more and more absurdities. Previously, she told her to take care of her grandchild, but now she turned to blame Ngan for forcing her to look after her grandson.

When the mother-in-law went to live with the couple, she thought that her father-in-law was hard, so Ngan also sent her mother-in-law 8 million so that she could take care of her father-in-law and everything in the countryside. But now my mother-in-law still wants Ngan to give more money.


She insinuated that in the countryside, after countless things, she still had to come to serve the children and grandchildren. Several times, the mother-in-law sat down and talked to her neighbors all the time:

- Whoever said that the daughter-in-law was rich and had a good salary but I was really miserable. My daughter-in-law details, calculating very carefully. He is a child who does not know what to do, I left all my homeland to take care of him but he did not treat me well. Saying that I'm going to take care of you is like going to work.

Hearing her mother-in-law say that Ngan felt unjust, it is clear that her mother-in-law knows that she and her husband just bought a house so they don't have much to spare, but she still blames her. Ngan wants to speak directly to her mother-in-law but is afraid of her saying that she might bully her mother-in-law. So she had to tell her husband to remind his mother well, but the mother-in-law still did not reduce that. Right now, Ngan buys everything and asks her to buy twice to send it to his wife and husband. Now Ngan really can not stand it anymore. She thought that she would have to rent an umbrella and let her mother-in-law go home, but staying together like this would make the conflict even more fierce.